MZ12X (4 Ninjas)

Wax, Shatter, Crumble, Dabs, Oil. Whatever you call it, if you are familiar with concentrates, you are likely also familiar with the widespread concern about butane and propane being used in the extraction process to produce concentrates. “It’s become a matter of a moral compass that retailers now have reservations about selling butane in large quantities over the counter, there is a feeling of responsibility over the safety of the customer,” Brandon Marriott explains. Brandon is one member of a four part team of entrepreneurs and business owners, called 4 Ninjas. Last year, the 4 Ninjas purchased the distribution rights of a product that they believe will revolutionize the marketplace for extraction, called MZ12X. Don’t let the sci-fi sounding name intimidate you; MZ stands for M-Methane Z-Zero impurities, and 12X stands for methane gas that is refined 12 times over. Hence, MZ12X is born as a safer, smarter alternative to butane and propane for all extracting purposes!

Extracting concentrates using butane or propane can be unsafe in two ways. For the extractor, working with such a highly flammable and easily explosive gas is never without risk. For the concentrate consumer, traditional purging methods don’t always guarantee total elimination of heavy metals, meaning impure product. When the public began to voice their concerns regarding safety issues with butane and propane use in extracting concentrates, there became a need in the marketplace that no one knew how to fill. SDRG formulated MZ12X in an effort to fill that need, and the 4 Ninjas have taken on the job to bring it to the market on a national level. Since so many producers rely on various modifications to their purging processes without any standardization, there is no guarantee that heavy metals are safely removed during purging. Often, burning off real medicinal and essential properties of the plant, such as terpenes and polyphenols. MZ12X not only solves the safety hazards, but also improves the quality of the product.

“Our goal from the start was to engineer and produce an organic gas that can replace butane and propane while also preserving valuable terpenes during the extraction process. MZ12X is the only organic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly botanical solvent on the market. We are working hard to lead the cannabis extraction industry into a healthier, safer and more effective extraction process.”

This revolutionary cannabis oil extraction formula is an easy replacement for butane and propane extraction processes because it was designed with one purpose in mind: superior extraction, safety and product quality. MZ12X pulls both terpenes and CBDs from the whole cannabis flower while maintaining product taste, smell, clarity and high THC values. The di-methyl ether solvent is organic, non-toxic, contains no heavy metals, leaves no residue and is only as flammable as cooking sherry, making it the safest solvent on the market for oil extraction. MZ12X is far superior at extracting terpenes and whole plant extraction, while other methods are achieving mediocre results because they are only able to focus on THC extraction. MZ12X causes no loss of other valuable properties of the plant, such as THC, CBD, terpenes and polyphenols. This is such an important factor, especially for those seeking concentrates to treat medical ailments and pain, because the full spectrum of the plant’s properties work together in unison for optimal results.

Let’s review the highlights of MZ12X; it is non-combustible (which will limit the number of accidents from butane usage), it is more efficient than traditional purging methods, the cans hold more product than butane, and it captures 3 times more terpenes than butane! MZ12X was able to solve every concern for health and safety regarding concentrate extraction, but they managed to take it one step further. MZ12X will also cut the purge time in half or even diminishes it! This is great news for extractors because it can take quite a long time, but it doesn’t have to. Butane and Propane were originally purposed to be highly flammable, but MZ12X was specifically made for extraction. The Z in MZ12X stands for Zero impurities because they can boast the highest, a whopping 99.9996% purity level. After all of these impressive claims, you’re likely to assume it must cost a lot more than its traditional counterpart. But, you would be wrong. In fact, it is actually comparable in price to butane. In so many words, MZ12X is a revolutionary alternative to butane with all of the Pro’s and none of the Con’s!

Brandon believes that a great product has to be backed by great customer service. “We have never been unable to create a positive customer experience at the end of the day, even if there were problems that may have come along, we have always been on top of solving it. This is really a passion project for the whole team.” You may have seen them at Champs recently in Atlantic City, but if you missed them, they will be exhibiting at Champs this September and October as well as at future Champs Tradeshows next year, and are offering a 10% Off Show Special! For more information and to watch an informative video on how MZ12X works, visit their website at or

1. Extracts better than propane/butane
2. Not harmful to human health
3. Safe for the environment
4. Preserves Terpenes, CBD and THC
5. Eliminates or shortens the purging process
6. Extracts oil that smells and tastes like the plant
7. Less explosive than propane/butane
8. Non-toxic and won’t contaminate