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A Gift From Nature

In the bustling heart of Orlando, Florida, Mike Hunanyan and Ryan LaBarre, the visionary minds behind A Gift From Nature CBD, embarked on a journey to rede ne the concept of holistic health and wellness.

Established in 2007, A Gift From Nature CBD emerged from a deep-rooted passion for natural remedies and a keen understanding of the evolving needs within the vape and
wellness industries. Recognizing a growing demand for alternative wellness solutions, Hunanyan and LaBarre pivoted from their beginnings in selling vape pens to crafting premium CBD products, forging a path towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle for consumers.

A Gift From Nature CBD fills a vital void in the market, offering a diverse range of high-quality CBD products meticulously formulated to provide relief from stress, anxiety, and sleep
disturbances. From soothing tinctures to decadent edibles and revitalizing topicals, the brand’s comprehensive lineup caters to the growing demand for holistic health options, bringing
consumers closer to the healing powers of nature.

With a background in food engineering and a profound appreciation for the holistic aspects of nature, Hunanyan and LaBarre bring a unique blend of expertise and passion to
A Gift From Nature CBD. Their commitment to quality, transparency, and consistency sets the brand apart in a crowded market, with a particular point of pride being their acclaimed edible line, AGFN
Gummies, renowned for their exceptional taste and efficacy.

A Gift From Nature CBD stands out among wholesale suppliers with their unwavering dedication to innovation and product diversity. Continually expanding their range to include unique
formulations and premium products, the brand ensures that their offerings resonate with a wide spectrum of consumers, fostering brand loyalty and driving retail success.

A star product in their lineup is the Delta 9 Gummy Line, handcrafted with a proprietary process that leaves customers craving for more. Meticulously crafted to the highest standards,
these gummies offer a unique blend of calming effects and pure indulgence for hemp aficionados everywhere. With each jar containing 30 expertly formulated gummies, delivering a
total of 450mg of Delta 9 (15mg per gummy) and 360mg of Full Spectrum Cannabinoids (12mg per gummy), the potency reaches a total of 810mg per jar of Delta 9 and Full Spectrum

What distinguishes these gummies is the infusion of terpenes for each Sativa and Indica labeled product, enhancing both aroma and flavor for an unmatched experience. Featuring an array of
delectable flavors such as strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, mango, orange, pineapple, grape, and more, AGFN Delta 9 gummies promise a tantalizing taste journey with every serving.

As A Gift From Nature CBD celebrates their 7-year anniversary, their future goals include building a vibrant community around the brand and launching educational campaigns to empower
retailers with comprehensive knowledge about the benefits and uses of their products. In their support for retailers, A Gift From Nature CBD goes beyond mere transactions, focusing
on fostering meaningful partnerships and providing tailored support. Through product launches and educational initiatives conducted in-store, the brand empowers retailers to offer their
customers a gateway to holistic wellness, backed by trusted expertise and unparalleled product quality.

As Hunanyan aptly puts its, "A Gift From Nature Brings You Closer To Nature,” encapsulating the brand’s mission to nurture wellness and bridge communities through the healing power
of CBD. With every product meticulously packaged to meet state regulations and equipped with QR codes for easy access to product information, A Gift From Nature CBD ensures a
seamless experience for retailers and consumers alike. You can speak with the AGFN team in person at upcoming trade shows such as Champs, ALT Expo, and TPE. For more information,
visit their website at agiftfromnaturecbd.com.