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AFG Distribution: Enjoy Higher Culture with Pulsar

Pulsar, established in 2012 by AFG, has quickly become synonymous with quality and innovation. Known for its flagship products, the APX Family, Sipper, and the 510 DL Series, Pulsar’s mission is to design and develop products that allow consumers to #EnjoyHigherCulture in their everyday lives. Bennett Dickert, Marketing Manager, proudly announces, “With over 1 million units sold, the APX Family is still thriving!” Pulsar’s commitment to innovation is further demonstrated by its recent collaborations with iconic licenses like The Grateful Dead, The Lord of the Rings, High Times, and more, enhancing its market presence and appeal.

In the vibrant city of Asheville, NC, AFG Distribution has carved a niche for itself in the alternative lifestyle market. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, AFG Distribution has not only withstood the test of time but has thrived, thanks in large part to its dynamic Pulsar product line. AFG Distribution’s journey over the last 25 years is a story of passion, innovation, and dedication. CEO Jayson Magura reflects on the company’s journey with gratitude, “I would like to thank all of our customers, staff members, and partners who have helped us along the way these past 25 years! Looking forward to working together to make this next chapter even more successful.” This sentiment is echoed by President Shane Shewbridge, “AFG celebrating 25 years in business is a huge milestone for us. The sustained success of AFG Distribution and Pulsar has been our ability to stay relevant and agile. We have a strong, united team that is focused on bringing desirable products to market that best fit the needs of the end user. It is critical to be on the forefront of new markets, categories and trends. This is something that our team consistently demonstrates and it helps lay the groundwork for future growth and opportunity.” The company’s recent expansion into a new warehouse underscores its growth and commitment to meeting the ever-evolving needs of its customers.

The APX eRig: Revolutionizing Consumption

A standout achievement for Pulsar is the APX eRig, an innovative device that recreates the classic bong experience with cuttingedge technology. Coleman Fowler, Product Manager, shares the journey from concept to reality, “The APX eRig was a unique challenge for us to develop. The concept and design was first drawn out as a sketch with pen and paper and then after much discussion we ran with it. We wanted to recreate the classic bong hit that everyone knows and loves, but integrate that concept into an advanced eRig. This piece was all about the functionality and end user satisfaction.” The eRig’s recognition at the 2024 Counter Culture Awards as the Best New Product attests to its market disruption and appeal.

The Pulsar APX eRig, equipped with a powerful 3200mAh battery, delivers intense clouds of vapor, combining the robust energy needed for premium dabs with the cooling sensation of water filtration. This modern vaporizer, resembling a straight tube bong, features ultra-thick borosilicate glass components and stands over 10.5 inches tall, ensuring stability and a comfortable user experience. It includes a smoky glass downstem and circular showerhead percolator for 360-degree diffusion, creating watercooled vapors. Its design includes a pivoting atomizer manifold for ease of use and even oil distribution, a coil-less quartz cup atomizer, and two quartz terp pearls stirred by a terp tong tool for thorough vaporization. The rig’s substantial battery supports hard-hitting vapor production, with a bright LED light ring for visual flair and five temperature settings for customizable sessions. The Sesh Mode and Manual Mode offer different heating options to optimize consumption.

Expanding the Pulsar Line

The Pulsar Sipper and the 510 DL Series are other jewels in Pulsar’s crown. The Sipper, a versatile vaporizer with multiple cup options, offers an unparalleled communal experience, while the 510 DL Series caters to discerning consumers seeking quality and performance. The 510 DL Series offers a range of discreet, tailored vaporizers designed to meet the preferences of all users, from beginners to enthusiasts. Featuring various models including penstyle, bar/pod-style, and a unique pipe-style design, each device in the series is equipped with features like variable voltage settings, breath or button control, and compatibility with different cartridge sizes. This series emphasizes personalized vaping experiences, combining functionality with aesthetic choices to suit any style.

The Pulsar Sipper redefines the consumption of concentrates and oils, offering a dual-use vaporizer that allows users to enjoy their preferences to the fullest. It features options for both wax and oil, with interchangeable bubbler and dry cup options for versatility. The latest version improves on portability and introduces a spill-free dry cup, ideal for outdoor activities, while maintaining its signature retro design. With advanced technology for easy operation, including hands-free auto-fill and customizable settings, the Sipper combines style, functionality, and convenience for a premium vaping experience.

AFG Distribution and its Pulsar line represent a partnership with a proven leader in the alternative lifestyle market. With a legacy of innovation, quality, and culture, Pulsar is poised to continue its trajectory of growth and influence. As Jayson Magura puts it, “The journey from selling handmade wares at Grateful Dead shows to developing officially licensed products is a testament to the brand’s passion and commitment to higher culture. In embracing Pulsar, retailers are not just selling products; they are offering their customers a lifestyle, an experience, and a community.” Pulsar’s dedication to excellence extends beyond product development to include best-in-class customer service and warranty support. Luke Mallory, Customer Experience Manager asserts, “Our dedicated Customer Experience team constantly reviews customer feedback and is always happy to answer questions and provide assistance regarding any Pulsar product and warranty claim. We simply want the end user to have an excellent experience with all things Pulsar.” The brand’s responsiveness to customer feedback is a cornerstone of its strategy, ensuring that retailers can confidently support and sell Pulsar products. As AFG Distribution looks to the future, expanding the Pulsar licensed collections remains a priority, with The Grateful Dead collaborations at the forefront. Retailers can anticipate finding AFG and Pulsar at major trade shows, including Champs, MJBizCon, and NACS, highlighting the brand’s commitment to staying connected with the market and its needs. For more information, please visit www.pulsarvaporizers.com or www.afgdistribution.com