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Jayson Magura, Founder and CEO of AFG Distribution, began his company with a lot of ambition as a grassroots pipe distributor back in 1999, supporting independent artists around North Carolina, and selling thousands of dollars-worth of pipes at Woodstock and Grateful Dead shows. When reflecting on those early days, Jayson says “One of my keys to success was constant mailing, and using all of my resources. When I was making pipes, I realized that I only had two hands and could only make so much. When you pick up other people's products, you are helping them and turning your two hands into four hands; not only are you helping out other vendors, you are also helping out the stores.” Jayson’s one-man operation has since grown through the 20+ years in business to become a leader in the industry as Your One-Stop Alternative Distributor which carries thousands of products and represents hundreds of reputable brands.

Ever since the Pulsar team decided to create an affordable, top-notch line of vaporizers that provided both a quality and reliable way to enjoy higher culture, AFG Distribution has been a key proponent of the line’s introduction to the market and continued long-term success. The APX Family is an incredible line consisting of 6 different vape products designed by proud veterans of the vaping industry. The APX in the APX Family stands for “Affordable, Performance, Xtreme”, aptly named because when the Pulsar Team set out to develop the APX Vape, the sole mission was a “vaporizer for the people” says Bennett Dickert, AFG Marketing Manager!

One of AFG’s newest show-stoppers from the Pulsar line is the RöK. Joel Hutcheson, AFG Brand & Product Manager said, “In designing the Pulsar RöK to be an advanced and contemporary take on the tried and true water pipe design and functionality; we also wanted to preserve the ability to customize the piece and make it your own. Keep your eyes open for many more ways to customize not only the aesthetics of the RöK but the function as well. Be it concentrates or herb, customers will be able to dial in the RöK to suit their specific preferences and make it look as unique as they are.” Be sure to check out all the new 3D printed & borosilicate glass colored accessories to customize your unit. Numerous more custom options on the horizon!

Since its debut to the market last year, the Pulsar RöK has received a lot of attention and praise from the community. Having been featured in Forbes, High Times, Weedmaps, Leafly and more, the Pulsar RöK is steadily building its very own cult following behind the “RöK Star” lifestyle that the product was built to support. The RöK electronic concentrate rig was designed for ultra-portability, and features variable-voltage options, a coil-less quartz cup, and a percolator inside the glass base chamber, and a carb cap with vortex airflow. Users can activate a “RöK Mode” with a double-tab of the fire trigger, which will set the battery into a 20-second continuous heat mode, perfect for passing the unit around with friends while they RöK out! Pulsar paired all of these fantastic features along with some of the staple features of their previous popular vaporizers, such as the vital long-lasting battery, and a micro USB re-charging function. Bennett Dickert, AFG Marketing Manager explains, “The RöK opens up the ability to experience premium innovation and taste the finer properties of your exquisite concentrates and open up their full flavor profile. The Pulsar RöK is a portable electronic water pipe that is a technological leap forward for concentrate lovers!”

AFG Distribution takes their position within the industry with the utmost integrity. James Magura, AFG General Manager says, “Meeting the varied needs of our customers is a top priority for AFG. Over the years we have developed an organizational structure designed to quickly meet the varied business needs of our customers no matter how small or how large. Our market segmented sales organization is supported by employees staffed with expertise in finance, operations, technology, product management and marketing disciplines. Solving customer business problems by bringing together the different disciplines and resources has truly helped us continue to evolve and grow by meeting and exceeding customer business requirements in a timely manner.”

This year, you can meet the team and check out the latest hits from AFG Distribution at the following Trade Shows: SSE, TPE, CHAMPS, ASD, and MJBIZCON and more. To catch AFG at the upcoming Champs trade show in Las Vegas, visit Booth #1225 to experience their re-vamped 20x20 booth, featuring top lines such as Pulsar, SeshGear, Grindhouse, Herbal Chef, StashLogix, Toker Poker, LighterPick and more. Also stop by and see Pulsar’s new 10x20 booth right across the walkway from AFG, Booth #1125.

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