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AFG Distribution offers an extensive range of over 8,000 different products and is a leader in the industry and at the forefront of innovation with their cutting-edge new products. With a firm commitment to their customers, they strive to provide the best possible service through a knowledgeable and friendly staff who are dedicated to putting the customers’ needs first. They specialize in alternative merchandise and have built a reputation for being “Your One-Stop Alternative Distributor”. Whether it’s a new release or a tried and tested classic, AFG has curated a streamlined selection of everything their customers need in one place.

AFG has come a long way since its inception in 1999 when Jayson Magura, AFG’s Owner and CEO, began peddling wares in the parking lots at Grateful Dead and Phish shows in the 90s. In fact, next year, the company is celebrating 25 years of growth and excellence! As ever-expanding operations do, AFG has outgrown their previous space and decided to expand to a new warehouse to better serve their customers and offer the industry’s widest product selection. “Our new warehouse and fulfillment facility is an exciting upgrade for AFG Distribution. It provides us the opportunity to operate much more efficiently and optimally. The new warehouse construction has allowed for vast improvements for our employees that will directly correlate to an expedited, more accurate and satisfying customer experience,” Shane Shewbridge, Vice President at AFG mentions.

With this new, 100,000 sq ft warehouse, AFG is able to stock more products, providing a wider range of options for their customers. This expansion has increased their storage capacity, which enables them to better manage their inventory and meet customer demand more efficiently. Overall, the expansion has been a significant investment in the company’s future, allowing them to continue to grow and improve their service offerings. Although AFG has experienced many changes through the years, customers can be assured that AFG is still owned by Jayson, located in Asheville, NC and has an excellent staff hard at work everyday, as it always has. ‘‘We are very excited and thankful to be celebrating a milestone of 25 years in business next year and look forward to many, many more!’’, says Jayson Magura, CEO.

The Pulsar brand has made a name for itself as AFG’s fastest growing brand, encompassing many top-selling product lines such as: The APX Family, The Sipper, The 510 DL Series, ProShift and Shire Pipes. The Pulsar APX Family is a beloved line of cuttingedge models including The APX Vape, APX Wax, APX Volt, APX Smoker, and the newest addition: The APX Pro Vape. This release of the new APX Pro Vape is aptly named as it is equipped with a full temp control (from 320° to 430°F), haptic feedback and an OLED display, bringing even more tech to the APX Family. Another fun, new product under the Pulsar Brand is The Pulsar Sipper: A Freestanding vaporizer with water filtration that works for both wax and 510 thread cartridges. 510 thread cartridges are super popular, being the industry standard cartridge thread type, which is why Pulsar has released multiple products to fulfill the needs of consumers that use carts. The Pulsar 510 DL was also recently introduced as a “down low and discreet” 510 thread cart vape series. These 320mAh, variable voltage 510 thread vape pen devices were specially designed to look more like the average nicotine mod style vapes for ease of on-the-go vaping. Coleman Fowler, Product Manager at AFG points out, “AFG continues to push industry products forward and expand on what people generally expect from a distributor. We are developing and growing several of our Pulsar lines with high-end versions of the APX Vape and Pulsar ProShift to keep our customers using the best devices we can offer.”

AFG is thrilled to be embarking on the process of securing multiple license agreements that would allow them to produce officially licensed products in collaboration with major companies such as Lord Of The Rings, High Times, Cheech & Chong and more. Bennett Dickert, Marketing Manager at AFG asserts, “Acquiring license agreements and producing officially licensed products and collaborations with top brands enables us to expand our offering and better serve our customers with trending products!” They’ve already successfully released a timeless classic in pop culture’s past and present: The Pulsar Shire Pipes line. This exclusive line of iconic wooden pipes is specially designed to suit the taste of any Hobbit, Wizard, or Elf, and would even make Gandalf himself proud to puff upon. AFG and Pulsar have several exciting collaborations in the works with other major brands, with plans to offer an array of innovative products including vaporizers, 510 cart batteries, grinders, rolling trays, skateboard decks, and much more. With a focus on creativity and quality, AFG is dedicated to delivering exceptional products that meet the needs and exceed expectations of their customers.

AFG is committed to providing support to retailers through convenient net terms, streamlined return and replacement procedures, and a dedicated effort to keep customers informed and set up for success. Contact a sales rep for access to the AFG Insider: AFG Distribution’s Inside Source To Growth & Profit. The AFG Insider is a valuable resource where you can gain leading industry insights and find the newest and best-selling products in a 250-page catalog that is constantly updated and released 6 times per year. In fact, “AFG is also celebrating 10 years of supporting retailers with the AFG Insider” says Dickert. There’s a lot to see from AFG, so be sure to visit their booth at Champs Trade Shows, ASD, and SSE throughout the year. For more information, contact the team at 855-234-4386, by email at or simply visit their wholesale website at where you can create an account.

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