Art of Glass Wholesale

Art of Glass Wholesale has made their mark on the industry as a manufacturer and distributor of the most state of the art and unique glass pipes and smoking accessories on the market. Art of Glass Wholesale connects retailers with an expertly selected variety of the most reputable, popular brands on the market such as; Grav, RAW, Ooze, King Palm, Formula 420, and Randys, in the form of a One-Stop online wholesale shop!

When Haseeb, (President of Art of Glass Wholesale) and Joe, (Operations Manager of Art of Glass Wholesale) got their start in the industry, they had trouble finding a local wholesaler in their area. This led them to take on the local distribution for smoke shops and general merchandise themselves. The company established a strong network of wholesale business over the past decade in their local area, Buffalo, New York. Now, they even have manufacturing facilities both nationally, and internationally. This allows Art of Glass to meet the needs of all retailers and wholesalers, from a small retail purchase, up to the largest wholesale order.

Art of Glass Wholesale expanded their services to the online market back in 2016. Now, they are thrilled to introduce a brand new website, launched this January. The newly revamped offers a streamlined, userfriendly platform for their One-Stop Shop! Their customers can expect full time access to over 25 of the industry’s bestselling brands, with brand new products added to the site every week. Any of the Art of Glass Wholesale Sales Representatives can recommend the top products that have been tested and proven for customer satisfaction.

As a company which makes it a point to be up-front and honest with the customers about the products that they will receive when placing their order, customer service and quality of the product is their top priority. Art of Glass Wholesale is proud to have a community of satisfied customers in their database, and now with a new online platform, they are more ready than ever to welcome new accounts. Their clients can rely on Art of Glass Wholesale to offer the best pricing, and a dedicated rep to ensure on-time delivery for every order.

In addition to scouring the market for the best goods for the best price on behalf of their customers, Art of Glass Wholesale is also working diligently to bring their clients a quality, in-house glass brand Galaxy Glass!

Take advantage of their Spring Sale and receive 10% off your order the enitre month of May!