Boulder International

Since our start in 2012, Boulder International has believed that the sustainability of all businesses in this sector is based on the responsible use of our products.

To that end, Boulder only manufactures extremely high value and high-quality disposable and open/refillable devices and e-liquids. We continually strive to offer the best value in the market and the finest vaping experience in the business.

Boulder is not just a brand name. Our highly experienced inhouse electrical and mechanical engineering group design, engineer, and manufacture every product that we sell in our own state-of-the-art facilities. Our principled business approach means we sometimes sacrifice short term gains for long term growth. We don’t tolerate anemic testing or careless manufacturing approaches.

We are #1 in the Chinese market while our presence in the US continues to grow to rave reviews. Our multinational footprint fully prepares us, both financially and in manufacturing practices, for ongoing State and Federal regulatory action in our categories. Our US based sales and marketing team will work with you to craft custom programs that ensure robust sales and full customer satisfaction.

At Boulder we take vaping seriously. We are committed to the responsible enjoyment of the vaping experience through our best-in-class devices. We are dedicated to manufacturing and delivering products of the highest value to both consumer and trade. Further, our value proposition extends beyond product and pricing, to partnership. We’re looking for long-term relationships with outstanding retailers and wholesalers who understand the value of the partnership as well as the value of the product.