Cannabis QueenRX

Linda Biggs the Canna-Fairy & Owner of Cannabis QueenRX

Let me introduce you to Linda Biggs, owner of Cannabis QueenRX. We are a female-owned cannabis accessory and ancillary company...

It started years ago, Linda was an artist in the Fantasy Realm until 2012. A tragic accident changed Linda’s world. That’s when she was introduced to Cannabis as medicine to help with cognitive therapy, physical rehab & recovery. That healing experience changed her world.

She attended attended the first annual National Cannabis Festival, in 2016. She was blown away by the diversity of the attendees and quickly realized there was potential to showcase her art designs to this Cannabis market. In 2017, she returned to NCF as an exhibitor and designed rolling papers to showcase her art. She noticed similarities in demographics of the fairy art world and the cannabis-enthusiast world and decided to take a chance and shift her art towards a cannabis-user market. After all, it was the medicine that brought her back to life, she needed to share that with the world.

As you may know, the cannabis industry is overwhelmed with male targeted products, but over the past 3 years, women have become the fastest growing demographic in the industry. Our products at Cannabis QueenRX feature feminine energy, beautiful colors and handmade fine art, which is the unique & personal touch that the cannabis industry needs. Our product line transforms simple items into beautiful pieces of usable art. Items such as tin rolling trays, organic hemp smoke papers, dabmats, bags and pouches, adult coloring books, and more.”

Our work takes a fanciful view of life as Linda sees, feels, and experiences it. In her art, Linda creates a dreamworld, inspired by the occurrences of daily life. Linda’s work is a snapshot of reality, magically transformed through a rainbow lens. She does not use models or software; her creations come directly from her imagnation, are hand drawn onto paper, and then manufactured into usable cannabis ancillary products. She celebrates cannabis, as it allowed her to thrive again; it is both the medicine and tool that fueled her fire and her entrepreneurial spirit.

Cannabis QueenRX services both retail and wholesale accounts. “Visit our online store below - we ship worldwide; all inquiries are welcome and we would love to share our journey with you.
14800 York Road #652
Sparks, MD 21152
The Queen of Linda Biggs ART
in FairieLand Sparks, MD USA