CBD Drip

Based in Southern California, considered by many the heart of vape culture where innovation and cutting edge products are created every day, CBD Drip has been uniquely poised to harness the latest technology, enabling the to offer top-quality CBD products on the market today. Boasting several dozen of the best employees on the planet, CBD Drip has been able to create a lean, mean customer service machine that provides clients with unmatched product quality, lightning fast same-day shipping, and a robust sales and marketing team that fervently places client satisfaction above all else.

"Lean, Mean, Customer Service Machine"

It is also important to note the powerful and highly specialized teams of attorneys that CBD Drip employs to insure the company strictly adheres to any and all legal requirements, and which serve as the vanguard against any hint of unwarranted government overreach. The laws and regulations of Cannabidiol, whether at the state level or federal level, can be daunting, intimidating and especially confusing to even the best of us. Maintaining a strong, solid legal foundation is essential, and what helps set CBD Drip apart from the other bargain-garage brands out there selling questionable and possibly even illegal products.

The crown jewel of CBD Drip's commitment to excellence is its "rigorous and impeccable" third-party lab testing, which is performed on every batch of product at the world-renowned SC Labs. A bonafide, verifiable third-party lab certification is the only security a consumer can depend on to ensure he is not spending his hard-earned dollars on ineffective snake oil. CBD Drip proudly offers theses certifications for anyone to view at any time, and genuinely strives to promote consumer edification and awareness.

The first in the lineup was CBD Drip Gold, a 7-ml. vial that contains a 14.5-mg. concentration of high-quality Cannabidiol that can be mixed with any of your favorite e-liquids, or enjoyed by itself as a stand-alone product. Along with that came the best-selling CBD Drip Platinum, which is also packaged in a 7+ml. glass vial but contains nearly four times the potency at a 58+mg. concentration. Right out of the gate they could barely keep up with the unprecedented demand, and production had to go into overdrive. As popular as those initial products were, though, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Foreseeing where consumer interest was trending, executive proceeded to dive back into an intensive months-long process of research and development to create an even better verion of the best-selling product, eventually unveiling a new industry standard, the ultra-strength CBD Onyx. Coming in at over a whopping 140+mg. in the same 7-ml. vial, this was truly a game changing product. And if that wasn't enough, enter the truly industrial-strength RiX Mix and Bulk Concentrate products, which come packaged in sizes from 10ml. al the way up to a towering 250-ml. and contain an astonishing 50+mg. per milliliter.

CBD Drip has firmly established itself as the preeminent brand and The Official Vape Additive, but they're not settling for entirely disrupting just one industry. They've set out on a mission to save the world, one Cannabidiol molecule at a time. Of course, not everyone wants or even likes to vape, so a lot of folks have unfortunately been unable to take advantage of the potential CBD provides -- until now. The company is set to launch its most groundbreaking and widely anticipated product to date: CBD Drip ECO Caps. The ECO (EndoCannabinoid Optimization) Cap is a 30-mg. proprietary blend CBD capsule that "lets you CBD your way, without limitations or clunky devices." On the go? Snag a sachet (two ECO Caps) that gives you over 900-mg. of active CBD.