CBD Farm House

Providing Natural & Organic CBD Products

Steven Ha established CBD Farm House in Dallas, TX 4 years ago out of his bedroom, with a grand vision of what the company would one day become. When the hemp industry blossomed, he built a warehouse in Dallas and now his vision has become reality. All CBD Farm House products are made in house, offering a wide array of CBD products to suit any consumer’s need.

Steven’s background comes from the smoke and vape industry for 10 years, working with Vapor World/Vapor Supply. His initial passion for working with vape products came from the desire to help people get away from cigarettes by switching to vape. He decided CBD was a greater cause to help people based on his personal experience with using CBD to support and maintain the human mind and body. With all the toxins in today’s environment, Steven realized how effective CBD is to maintain balance. Not to mention, all of his friends and family support and use CBD as well.

The brand is best known for their delicious and potent hemp-derived edibles, like chocolate moon rocks, vegan CBD and Delta-8 gummies, and asteroid nerd cubes.

Did someone say “Chocolate Moon Rocks”? Yes, you read that right! CBD Farm House is gaining tons of popularity for their handcrafted, gourmet treats, made with the finest ingredients. These scrumptious chocolates are available with 150MG Delta-8 or with 300MG CBD. Each of these delightful treats offers a different experience. Customers can choose between Moonrock, Cosmic Caramel, Cookies & Dreams, Peanut Butter Blast Off, Crater Berry, and Moon Pebbles. The Asteroid Nerd cubes add a twist on their vegan Delta-8 gummies with the sweet crunch of nerd candies in the mix. These are available in 500MG (25MG in each gummy) and offer the user relaxing, clear-headed effects.

If the edibles sounded great, you’ll be surprised to find out that the brand is even more sought after for their topical products. The top 2 sellers being their Cooling CBD Lotion, and their Freezing CBD Roll-On. The lotion is packed with 1,000MG of CBD in a 4oz jar, designed for targeted areas to help alleviate pain and inflammation. The Freezing Roll-On is 3oz and made available in either 1,000MG or 2,000MG to help manage aches and soreness without the mess. These topical products give muscles and joints a soothing cool with all-natural, and THC Free ingredients.

CBD Farm House is also well known for their hemp-derived 1 gram Delta 8 Sauce for its unbeatable uplifting feel, thanks to its 50% Δ8THC and high % CBD mix. Delta 8 THC typically gives an uplifting feel with a relaxed energy. This sauce also offers the aromatic scent and taste of Orange Mimosa.

Beyond their wide variety of hemp-derived products and positive consumer feedback, CBD Farm House has positioned themselves in the industry as a trustworthy, top quality brand. CBD Farm House is also a pharmacist owned company. Young Ha, their licensed pharmacist, formulates their proprietary blends and oversees all production and quality control to make sure each product is safe and effective. Their company is committed to set standards of excellence in organic quality and affordable products from their USDA hemp farm to the finished products. They take pride to inspire, educate and empower the CBD community. This isn’t just a mission, it’s their passion. They take educating the customers seriously in order to help them find the optimal dose for their system to ensure a positive experience. It was highly intentional when they built a model of great culture and education with their organic and natural products. They choose the best natural ingredients that are also functional to enhance the hemp products. The team motto is: “From Farmhouse to your house!” Each batch is third-party tested for safety and potency to ensure that consumers receive the best quality products as labeled.

CBD Farm House has developed a strong brand, but they also offer white label products for other brands. Their ultimate goal is to create product awareness and continue to develop the products to the next level, through their streamlined distribution and white label services. The company is proud to have hit half a million a month in April and expects to reach 1 million a month in June 2021. With great success, comes great responsibility, which is something CBD Farm House takes seriously. They give back to community through various donations to children’s foundations.

You can visit the CBD Farm House booth at these upcoming trade shows: White label expo, CBD Expo USA, and Champs. For more information, visit their website at CBDfarmhouse.com Social Media: @cbdfarmhouse