CBD Intact

CBD Intact just launched their wellness brand this February, presenting their full CBD product line at the USA CBD Expo in Las Vegas.

Their exclusive line was exceptionally received by the attendees, fueling an outstanding kick-off for the brand launch, and their overall mission as a company. CBD Intact has deliberately positioned itself in the marketplace as a dependable source for seed-to-shelf, 3rd party lab-tested CBD products that are trusted by professionals.

Mark Albert M.D. came from a background working in emergency medicine for the past 20 years. He was motivated by the physical and mental health crisis that he regularly witnessed his patients suffering from, and wanted to do something about it. Dr. Mark recognized the benefits of quality CBD hemp extract in the improvement of the wellbeing of both people and animals. He believed that CBD should be made accessible to the general public at an affordable price. After seeing how his older “foster till death” Yorkie named Buddy started running faster, and was limping less, after taking CBD, it became clear that animals benefit from CBD as much as people.

CBD intact has made a commitment to helping their customers realize their health and wellness goals. Using this approach in their business, the company has taken extra measures toward making CBD accessible to the public, while strongly supporting consumer education. They offer a CBD Dosage Helpline that customers can call, to speak with one of their staff, ready to answer any questions about CBD Intact’s prod ucts. The hemp that their CBD products are produced from is grown in the USA, and processed through their verticallyintegrated structure to provide their customers with quality, seed to shelf CBD at a competitive price.

Through their integrated approach and their exclusive CBD product line, CBD Intact offers only the highest quality, and intentionally affordable CBD products to their customers. Their line consists of a variety of full-spectrum and THC-free CBD oils, ODTs (Oral Dissolvable tablets), capsules, tablets, pain cream, and facial products. Their proprietary OTD’s (Oral dissolvable tablets), which are made with full spectrum CBD, are the first of its kind available on the market. Their facial products line supplies customers with an excellent method for incorporating CBD into their daily skincare regimen, with eye serum, face serum, moisturizer, moisturizing sunscreen, facial cleanser, and facial toner.

With an overall goal to aid people in their quest in obtaining and maintaining a robust and productive lifestyle, CBD Intact is ready to take on both retail, and wholesale markets, providing customers of all types with products that were designed with wellness in mind. In an effort to give back to the community and support our beloved furry friends, CBD Intact offers free CBD to animal rescue shelters both locally, in their home state of Pennsylvania, and in Florida. For more information about CBD Intact, visit their website at cbdintact.com