Chewy Grinder

Join the Grinding Revolution

Who are Chewy
The Chewy Grinder R&D team have over ten years experience in the market. They started out as a design studio in ireland and are the iolite vaporiser to name many more. In 2015 they looked at the herb grinder market and thought.

"This is a market we can bring our expertise to and totally revolutionise the market. It needs to load, store and grind your herb anywhere and it needs to look awesome"

1 year later the first chewy prototypes were ready. Now the chewy team has set up distribution channels all across the USA and Europe.

Why Chewy
The Chewy Grinder has been the front runner in an explosion of innovation in the herb grinder market. With its launch in late 2016 it completely turned the grinder market upside down, reinventing the grinder from the inside out. The idea was how do you load, grind, and store your herb anywhere. To do this the chey team had to throw conventional grinding thought out the window. The result from years of development was the chewy. No other grinder automatically loads your herb as it grinds into your bowl of choice.

The Blades
The innovations really is in the blades and loading mechanism, after we figured out how to load the herb using a push block and spring mechanism we had to develop a blade that would draw in the herb, slice it and load a perfectly fluffy ground herb, perfect for vaping or smoking. This took 200 blade prototypes and months of testing. Finally after many tweaks and revelations we developed the perfect blade. The blade actually does not grind like a conventional grinder, which crushed and compresses the herb. It slices it, keeping the herb texture at the perfect consistency for vaping. For the best vape its important to keep a good flow of hot air and moisture to absorb the oils and thats why we recommend you use a chewy rather than conventional grinders.

What's Next
The chewy team has a few more innovations up their sleeve. Now that the chewy is launched they have been busy developing new products for the summer of 2017