DR Brown’s CBD

“We are THE CBD Dr’s USE” – Ray Brown Jr., Founder of DR Brown’s CBD
Ray Brown Jr, Founder of DR Brown’s CBD, established the brand on June 1st, 2019. In the short span of time that the company has been operating, Ray Brown Jr and family have successfully opened 5 retail brick & mortar stores called Mom and Pop CBD Shop (with 3 locations in Pennsylvania, and 2 in New Jersey), in addition to launching their product line, DR Brown’s CBD. Although DR is usually recognized as doctor, this brand was inspired by a special pair named Deb and Ray Brown, hence DR Brown. Deb Brown suffered injuries following a 4-wheeler accident back in 2000 that caused an opioid dependency, which ultimately lead to her untimely death in 2014. The brand was started in an effort to offer a better alternative to pharmaceuticals with natural products so that less people have to experience the same struggle that Deb did. Ray Brown Jr, Debs son, has been a cannabis advocate for practically his entire life, especially after he had personal negative experiences with big pharma, and successfully used medical marijuana as a tool to reduce and eventually diminish his own dependency on opioids and street drugs. Ray Brown Jr said “No More Big Pharma”, and has dedicated his life ever since, to the mission of spreading CBD awareness and education to provide others like himself and Deb, with an alternative to turn to.

The brand initially launched with a variety of top-selling products, such as: 300-3,000MG CBD Oils, Pain Cream, Soft Gels, and Gummies. Since then, the brand has more than doubled their number of skews in just the last year, all with products that were added to the line to meet specific customer requests. They’ve developed their newest product formulations based on their customer’s needs, because that is their top priority. The branding and packaging of the entire line exemplifies simplicity, with a no-frills approach to keep the products both cost effective and of top quality. The label makes it clear what each product is for in big text, with descriptions such as: “Relief ”, “Cool”, “Repair”, and “Pet”. Being a Christian company, all product labels have the bible verse Genesis 1:29 printed on it, which reads, “I have given you all plants to use”. This brand was specifically developed for the target demographic of service-related businesses, such as doctor’s offices, chiropractor’s offices, and salons. They offer a variety of elegant in-store cases to display their products on.

DR Brown’s CBD products are crafted in small batches (no more than 100 jars at a time) to stay on top of quality control and ensure consistency. They’ve also made it a point to provide affordably priced products in a competitive market, with reported lower prices than the average CBD brand. The company takes immense pride in educating the client about the benefits of the product on both wholesale and retail levels, offering everything from assistance with dosing instructions, to letting them know the reasons behind the product formulas to effectively use them. Their company tagline is: “Now I know my CBD’s!” The hottest new product that DR Brown’s CBD has been brewing is CBG Coffee! CBG is a cannabinoid similar to CBD that has been quickly gaining popularity in the community for its therapeutic benefits. The “Café CBG” specialty blend contains 20MG of CBG in every cup, and is guaranteed to be completely THC-free. This premium, organic roast is the ideal way to start the day with a healthy dose of cannabinoids.

The momentum behind DR Brown’s CBD continues at full speed; the formulation team is hard at work creating DR Brown CBD’s newest product line-up, which will include CBD shampoo & conditioner! The company also plans to open more brick & mortar stores across the country while building up their brand recognition. To learn more about their CBD product line, you can visit their booth at the next Champs Trade Show, at the 2020 Florida Cannabis Festival, or visit their website at drbrownscbd.com

“Here at Back in Line Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we’ve seen ample evidence of the benefits DR BROWNS CBD products provide our patients. Such as: relief from muscle soreness, help with anxiety, arthritis pain, anti-inflammatory benefits and as a topical treatment to reduce pain.”

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