FDA Misinformation Threatening Kratom Again

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The fight to protect kratom in 2021 is already going at a blistering pace! Since we discovered that the FDA hid the 2018 Health and Human Services letter that revoked their request for kratom to be a Schedule I controlled substance (LINK TO HHS LETTER), the enemies of kratom have been spreading misinformation and misleading data across America at alarming rates!

Already this year we’ve beaten back multiple County and City kratom bans and are actively fighting two more as we write this letter! However, this year we aren’t just knocking back bans; we are working to make 2021 a banner year for state Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) passage. Already we have seen early successes in states like Missouri, Oklahoma, Connecticut, and South Dakota!

Yet deploying AKA representatives across America who can educate elected officials with the truth about kratom to stop emerging kratom bans, and others to help pass state KCPA, is extremely expensive! So much so that right now we don't have the money for representation in the right spots to see this legislative session through. This is exactly what the enemies of kratom want: create so many local and state bans that the AKA and kratom consumers will just give up.

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Remember, without your support, more kratom bans will get through and state Kratom Consumer Protection Acts that have a great chance to become laws, won’t get passed.

Thank you for your support and you've got our word that we'll continue to fight to protect kratom.


Matt Salmon
American Kratom Association