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Does Stainless Steel Really Smoke as Clean as Glass?

The Glory Days of cheap metal and chrome hand pipes are in the rearview mirror. Look back only 20 yrs ago, as legalization was slowly creeping across the country, heads were smoking out of just about anything they could get their hands on from the few shops that existed. Since then, we have traded our old school pot metal hand pipes, acrylic tubes, and ceramic dragons for ever more sophisticated and elegant smoking vehicles. The industry is refining itself at a breakneck pace. The bar has been raised; the novice has become the connoisseur - practically overnight - and has developed a whole new set of expectations. We now live in a world where smoothness and taste are cherished more than ever. And, when you’re paying a premium for your flower, what you’re smoking from matters. Materials are key! No one wants to drink a $60 bottle of wine out of a cheap plastic cup. High-quality glass has bubbled its way to the top of the industry to become standard but, in the last few years, there is a growing BUZZ about STAINLESS STEEL.

It’s not just metal-It’s Stainless Steel. And it’s a perfectly logical choice as a viable material for cannabis consumption and water pipes. If you think about it…the silverware with which we eat, our quality cookware, knives, your Yeti, and Hydro flask…there are key reasons all of these things which bring food and water to our mouths are made from stainless. It would be easier, and much less expensive, to make all of these things out of regular steel, aluminum, or a variety of cheaper metals. So we should ask ourselves, why don’t the trillion-dollar food, beverage, and medical industries use less expensive materials? It has everything to do with stainless steel’s unique physical and chemical properties. Stainless steel has high corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, coupled with a very low porosity which makes it easier to sterilize than any other common metal. Additionally, it doesn’t rust and it’s incredibly durable.

Stainless steel was invented only 100 years ago. Today, the fact that this metal is in almost every facet of our daily life is a testament to this metal’s remarkable breakthrough. It revolutionized the American kitchen in the 1930s. Before then, our grandparents cooked with iron cast pots and a wooden spoon. Walk through an industrial kitchen today and look around. It’s hard to find anything that isn’t made from stainless…countertops, sinks, knives, blenders, martini shakers, mixing bowls. At the end of the day, wipe it all down, sterilize it and it’s as good as new. And, to take it to the next level, think about why doctors use stainless steel almost exclusively for surgical implements.

1926 - introduced the first surgical implants made of stainless steel
1928 - hygienic superiority was demonstrated when the first stainless steel fermenting vessel was used to brew beer
1931 - saw the creation of the first stainless steel aircraft
1935 - stainless steel kitchen sinks were widely used
1954 - the first stainless steel underwater TV camera was manufactured for its superior anti-corrosion properties
1999 -(when Disney Hall was being built)was the introduction of the first full production stainless steel water pipe. The TravelMaster®.

The 3 most common questions posed to Greenstone Steel:

Q: Does it taste like metal?
A: Do you taste your stainless steel silverware, your Yeti, or your Hydro flask? The answer is NO. Since 1999 we have sold the TravelMaster® with a guarantee that it smokes as clean as glass. Quite simply, if it wasn’t true, we wouldn’t still be here.

Q: Does it get hot?
A: No, glass actually has a higher heat retention than steel. Meaning a glass bowl will stay hotter for longer than a steel bowl. This is why a cup of coffee stays hotter in a ceramic mug and why grandma prefers to bake her apple pie in a glass pie dish.

Q: Will it leak?
A: No, Our Lifetime Warranty guarantees that our junctions will not leak. We have spent years refining our manufacturing in order to achieve superior metal on metal transition points. In the last few years, Greenstone Steel® has given the TravelMaster® a facelift and rolled out the TravelMaster 2.0®. It’s taller, tighter, and better in every way…


• The modular design is fundamentally superior when it comes to traveling, ruggedness and cleaning.
• It’s as easy to clean as a martini shaker but with a much thicker wall.
• It is designed to last a lifetime without any worries. It’s virtually indestructible!


Greenstone Steel® has boiled the water pipe down to the most functional design possible. The 3 piece slip-fit body is, hands down, the easiest water pipe to clean ever made. There are no threads to wear out. The entire body is completely smooth. And since there is no worry about breaking it, you can rinse it out in minutes and toss it in the dishwasher once a week. Never let it get foul and it’s always a breeze to clean.

It’s simply the perfect design for Campers, Mariners & Urban Travelers. The TravelMaster® 2.0 stands 15” tall and collapses down to only 8” in travel form. The custom Hexagon carrying case is perfect for urban travelers and backpackers alike. Break it down in 30 seconds, rinse it in a stream - toss it in the case and throw it in a pack. Done!

A customer who’s had an original TravelMaster® for over 16 years recently referred to it as the DeLorean of water pipes.

“I’ve always been a fan of stainless steel but, I didn’t know what to expect when I got my TravelMaster 17 years ago. Since then I’ve beaten it up on 100 road trips. I still Love my glass but, this rig smokes as clean and is a total workhorse!”

Greenstone Steel® manufactures their water pipe body out of 316 grade stainless and the bowl is made from solid 304 grade stainless steel bar. With the grade of stainless they use for their bowls, there is virtually no risk of any harmful outgassing. One would have to maintain much higher than normal temperatures for a much longer period of time. This is, in part, why quality vape units have chosen to use stainless steel in conjunction with glass for their cartridges.

For years Greenstone carried the full weight of stainless steel water pipes on its shoulders. It’s been a heavy lift and despite selling over 50k units, they are but a drop in the bucket when you consider the sheer mass of the glass market. As they see it, “We are absolutely thrilled to see stainless steel gaining traction with the introduction of other products like Chill Steel Pipes who will undoubtedly help to raise awareness in stainless steel as a viable water pipe material.”

With all the thought and expense customers give to their smoking devices today, stores find themselves carrying as large of a cross-section of products as they possibly can. Shelves look like a Willie Wonka Wonderland of colored glass in all shapes and sizes. Silicone tubes and hand pipes command as much space as the customer demands. Cabinets are maxed out with an endless chain of electronic vaping gizmos to meet everyone’s fancy. Store owners have become intimately familiar with the differences in the quality of construction materials out of necessity. We all understand the value of stainless steel materials in a vaping cartridge. So, it’s not difficult at all to imagine the same benefits can be realized in the construction of a stainless steel water pipe. So, the answer to the title question is YES!

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