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HempWholesaler.com was founded on April 20, 2019 in Binghamton, NY. Liam Burns, CEO and Founder of HempWholesaler, established this distribution facility packed with ready to ship, in-stock inventory of a wide variety of the most popular bulk forms of hemp and the extracted cannabinoids the plants produce. In addition, Hemp Wholesaler carries products from all the major CBD brands on the market today, offering one of the widest selections of hemp products anywhere.

Liam believes that HempWholesaler is unique in the fact “That most CBD wholesalers and retailers only carry one brand, their own. This is a mistake in my opinion. People want variety.” He has successfully aligned his business to serve as a one-stop shop that will match or beat any wholesale price, even direct from the manufacturer. With their own indoor grow facilities that produce some of the finest hemp flower on the market, and a strict vetting system for their partner farms, they have the ability to offer an amazing selection of premium hemp flower at Farm-Direct pricing.

Coming from the vape industry, Liam immediately recognized the parallels of the hemp and vape industries and noticed a unique opportunity to diversify into an industry that has both an overlapping user and client base and immense growth potential. Liam has high hopes for the future of the hemp industry, stating that “Hemp is an industry that I truly believe has the power to disrupt both the pharmaceutical industries, with the health benefits of not only CBD, but the hundreds of underutilized cannabinoids and their terpene counterparts, and also the petro-plastic/ oil industries that can be produced with hemp fiber. Hemp is a plant that is destined to change the world and I believe it will do so within the next 5 years.”

Aside from his passion for the hemp industry, Liam has always had a natural talent for sales. He recalls, “In 7th grade, I used to sell shock tarts for a buck a pop - and for that age, I was making a killing! I quickly realized I could get a better price than Sam’s Club by reaching out to candy distributors. There I was, a 12 year old kid negotiating with the regional distributor of shock tarts for bulk distribution pricing.”

His knack for wholesale and distribution quickly grew into many other projects until he decided to focus on the vape industry back in 2010. His vape business (WholesaleVapor.com), began with a $400 investment from a family member and the company was built from the ground up, investing every cent of profit back into the company. That business grew into grossing over 10m a year, within the first 5 years. This company, which is still going strong, led them into the hemp industry and where they are today.

Since the launch, Liam and his team have already successfully introduced a new hemp brand to the market that is dedicated to Delta-8-THC infused products, Bearly Legal Hemp. Bearly Legal Hemp offers a full line of the finest Delta-8 infused cigarettes on the market, at incredible prices, along with gummies, vapes, disposable vapes, pre-rolls and more. Liam explains that with the Bearly Legal Hemp brand, he “wanted to create something funny and memorable that relays the message that this is just like the real thing. Bearly Legal Hemp is focused on Delta-8 products and for those looking to catch a buzz from the products.” He acknowledges, “While the future regulatory position on this is unknown, we hope we can retain its legality until real cannabis is legalized.” Their Bearly Legal Delta-8-THC Hemp cigarettes are sold by the carton, with 20 Cigarettes per pack, and 10 Packs per Carton. They feature custom star filters for optimal airflow, and a generous helping of cannabinoids, such as 1-2mg Delta 8 THC per cigarette, 10% CBD, and traces of minor cannabinoids, like CBC, THCV, and CBN. The flower for these cigarettes are put through a proprietary terpene infusion process for bold flavors and effects. Delta 8 delivers a smooth buzz that is not overwhelming, even when smoked all day. Their USDA Top Grade Hemp Flower Mix contains less than .3% total THC and is fully Federal Compliant.

Now, the company has recently launched a brand new offering through JeffreysHemp.com, which is a line of Indoor Grown, Ultra-Premium Hemp Cigarettes and Pre Rolls. Jeffreys UltraPremium Hemp Pre Rolls are 1/2 gram each (and packed with 18-20% CBD content), with 5 pre rolls to a pack. This newest hemp brand is geared toward the connoisseur who enjoys the nuances, the aroma, the whole process of cannabis, and especially the smoking experience itself - without the heavy effects of delta-9, which can be overwhelming for many people. It’s for those who like smoking cannabis, but don’t necessarily like the extremely powerful psychotropic effects of it. Seeing that smoking is one of the most effective ways to ingest CBD for bio-availability, it made sense to develop a brand to elevate the hemp smoking and CBD consuming experience. This is where Jeffrey’s Hemp takes the stage with “dog walker” style joints that are the ideal size for personal, single-use. A ten pack of signature pre-rolled joints are crafted using only the finest premium, indoor grown hemp flower that was engineered for the most discerning connoisseur, made from dense nugs that were meticulously harvested, trimmed and cured to perfection.

The growth strategy for HempWholesaler and brands is still in full swing, as they continue the process of building a 2nd (and much larger) indoor grow operation, in which they will also manufacture the finished goods from. Their full grow operation incorporates plans to grow vertically (to maximize sq/ft) while utilizing a vast array of sensors to collect and analyze big data, to maximize the harvest potential and create unique cannabinoid profile genetics. In order to fulfill their promise of variety, the operation staggers harvests of niche hemp strains (weekly). To ensure the finest quality, they use a dry-freeze cure process (that maximizes and locks in the cannabinoids and trichomes), that is immensely better than hang drying. They also utilize Twister trimmers for to create a perfect trim on the flower!

HempWholesaler is dedicated to providing the ultimate selection of hemp products while facilitating an exceptional customer experience with top service. Liam affirms, “We view our customers’ success as our own success and will do everything within our powers to help them succeed. I personally can’t stand it when I buy a product and have to jump through hoops to exchange it, or it’s defective or even to just return something I didn’t like. These are the companies that end up failing, [because] customer service is everything, and if any of our customers don’t like a product or don’t find it up to their standards, we’ll take it back no questions asked, plus we will even cover the shipping cost to ship it back.” As a company that has been exceedingly growing in sales, volume, google rankings, and repeat customers, they are confident that they’ve got the system down pat. They believe it all relays back to providing not only great products, but actual value to their customers while helping them grow their businesses as well.


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