Hush Kratom

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Hush Kratom was launched with one goal in mind. That goal was to have the best and most innovative kratom products on the market. All of Hush Kratom products are made with the cleanest extracts on the market. All of Hush Kratom extracts are lab tested prior to making any of their product line, ensuring consistency in every product that leaves the door.

Hush Kratom launched their flagship product Hush Ultra Lime tincture to amazing reviews and added a coffee tincture six months later. They now have over 9 products in the Hush Kratom brand family, and they are excited about launching a 2oz Energy shot later this year in 2020.

Hush Kratom was founded in Boise, ID in 2018 by multiple partners who have been involved with the Kratom Industry for over 10 years, and who have the experience necessary to grow a brand like Hush. The original plan for the company was to create the cleanest/best products in the kratom industry.

Hush started with one flagship product, which was the Hush Kratom Ultra Tincture shots, and that has grown to 9 different products lines. Gummies, capsules, powders and even a 2oz energy shot Their current target market is experienced and novice users who are looking for high quality kratom products. The Hush product line consists of kratom extract shots in lime and coffee. They also launched multiple versions of a 2ct blister pack which are a gold and soft gel line. The stand-out product in their entire line was the launch of their Kratom soft gels, which are the first of its kind. It allows the end user to take a standardized dose of mitragynine, which is the active alkaloid in kratom.

Hush distinguishes their brand by being innovative, only using the best extract in their products, and also not skimping on their packaging, insuring that stands out on any shelf space.

Hush markets their products to distributors, retailers, chain stores and wholesalers. Customers can order all their products by calling 1-833-Buy- Hush or going directly to thier Master Distro website