Story Behind the Wand

Listen to ISPIRE chairman Tony Liu share his journey on enriching cannabis atomization, and investing in the future of Cannabis enjoyment.

I went to the United States on a business trip a little over two years ago to see the new trends for the vape market, but instead found out about the cannabis market and that traditional methods of smoking cannabis are still very popular, but more and more people are looking for a better and safer way. I was particularly fascinated by the use of torches to heat the glass to a certain temperature for concentrates, and thought this was dangerous, and not consistent for heating. Also, if not handled properly, there’s a risk of burns, fire, and wasting of the substances. At that time an idea emerged--why not use my years of product development experience for vape products, along with some of my THC/CBD friends to develop an advanced, safe, and pure product?

Over the past two years, I found more and more scientific studies that prove the benefits of medical cannabis, especially cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. It has been found that it can treat various diseases from physical pain to post-traumatic stress disorder, along with reduce anxiety.

To get more information for great performing products people would like, I went to the United States over a two-year period and spent a lot of time with people who use CBD/THC to get a deep understanding of the problem points of users, and the product they use. During my visit, I learned THC concentrates require high temperature control and have to reach optimal temperatures to release the concentrates natural taste, and smoke volume. The traditional method of using a torch is very difficult to control optimal temperature, and only some very experienced people can do it correctly. Moreover, too high of a temperature waists the product, which will undoubtedly increase their cost.

After returning from my trips to USA, I was inspired (btw, “inspired” is where the name for the company ISPIRE came from), and do whatever it takes to immediately set up a project team, doctoral team as a think tank, and set up a project R&D team. Little by little the teams converted ideas, into drawings, then into parts, and on to produce products. In the past two years with countless user tests, improvements, along with frustrations, and breakthroughs in research and development--have all come down totoday--the presentation of the Wand by Ispire.

In designing the Wand, attention was paid to every detail, from the selection of every material, to the use of new materials. For example, in the Wand, we must ensure that every surface in contact with the bowl is made of pure polymer glass. By doing this, it helps prevent damage to the original flavor of the essence, and is more convenient to clean. Compared with traditional metals, there is no need to worry about the hidden dangers of harmful substances released by traditional metal materials. Even the shell uses the latest high-temperature resistant materials.

In terms of technology, I’m proud of the Wands wireless induction technology. In fact, although this technology has been widely used in other industries, Ispire is the first to apply this technology to small, and compact products. We also gave consideration to the compact layout of PCB board in a very small space with great importance to maintain the stability of battery performance. At the same time, in terms of heating the different characteristics of essence and plants, our patented ISP smart chip technology can accurately realize each temperature control and test the combination of temperature and atomization effect. With this technology, taste is fully atomized, and no drop is wasted, it’s all quite elegantly done.

In terms of quality control, I continue to use our company’s quality management system that has been developed over the last ten years. Over time we have introduced advanced testing equipment, from material safety, electrical performance, circuit protection, aging experiments, high and low temperature testing, and even charging and discharging of batteries and electronics. We also have a department for “collisions during transportation” to make sure product transportation is safe and undamaged during shipments.

Since the Wand is such a new device, and using new technology, the Wand has obtained multiple international patent certifications. I believe there is no perfect product in the world, but I believe the Wand is one step closer. I cannot say the Wand is a perfect product, but my team at Ispire has been exploring and making progress on the road to perfection.

To me, atomization is now a huge revolution. My drive for Ispire is to continue to cultivate in this revolution, using my years of technology and R&D experience to continue our excellent products. I want to provide users with different needs with products, and services that they need more of. Now Ispre have laid out more extended product lines and continue to bring more excellent products to everyone. I also hope that our company can contribute a great experience for you all and continue to bring products that will make you smile.

Best Regards,
Tony – Chairman of Ispire / Creator of the Wand