J Brands X Tyson 2.0

J Brands in Miami, Fl was founded by the team that created the Juucy brand and Bluum Lab, which has been successful in the smoke shop industry for the past 3 years. Now, J Brands has established itself as its own distribution company as a natural extension of the business, to include Juucy, the newly licensed Tyson 2.0 brand, and more. In an industry that has become congested with so many brands, the team at J Brands strongly understand the need to stand out in the market and really bring the “wow” factor to the table. That’s why the company has achieved so much success the past several years and are setting even bigger goals for 2023.

J Brands is thrilled to present Mike Tyson’s Tyson 2.0 disposable vapes to the market. J Brands will be exclusively producing all the Tyson 2.0 vapes for the US market going forward, among distributing an entire line-up of new products that will be released in the near future. The first Tyson 2.0 vape is set to launch this January. These 7,000-puff disposable vapes will feature 12 different crowd-pleasing flavors. The team at J Brands are confident that their expertise in developing and manufacturing vapes combined with Mike Tyson’s massive audience and stellar brand recognition will result in serious brand exposure that’s bound to exceed their ambitious goals. For instance, Mike Tyson’s recent post on social media about his Tyson 2.0 gummies received over 8 million views right away, demonstrating his extensive reach in the community and the fan base that already support the brand.

J Brands is looking forward to being an integral part of growing Tyson 2.0, which holds a lot of weight in the industry as a powerhouse brand. They have gone to great lengths in the development and design of the Tyson 2.0 products to capture Mike Tyson’s legacy. In the same way that he trained and prepared to go to battle in the ring, J Brands intends to do the same thing with Tyson 2.0 in the marketplace.

There are a lot of companies that distribute products in the industry, but J Brands differentiates themselves with their experience in vertical integration. They have successfully managed the entire manufacture process from start to finish, maintaining quality control, mitigating defect rates, and have handled the entire sales process. This experience has given their company a substantial understanding of the logistic aspect of maintaining quality, and perfecting design and marketing. A huge part of their success is based in their ability to recognize the end consumers’ perspective and how to appeal to their needs. This allows them to easily determine which types of products are gaining popularity quickly so they can focus on producing only top selling products. J Brands is looking to take on distribution partnerships going forward with brands that align with their standards of quality and customer satisfaction. J Brands takes great pride in maintaining premium quality in their brands and products. The design team at J Brands is very passionate about the brand designs, companys’ branding and packaging. It’s their prerogative to perfect the smallest details and every aspect of the product design to suit their high-quality sense of style. Their designs and creative choices come down to what they would appreciate as the consumer to ensure that each product is received with the same enjoyment by each and every customer. J Brands also understands that supporting the retailers starts with a quality product and exceptional branding, but they don’t just stop there. J Brands is happy to provide retailers with their own marketing materials such as posters, pop-ups, stickers, t-shirts, and lanyards to assist with in-store promotions.

J Brands is going forward in 2023 with a big goal to become one of the largest brands in the market with Tyson 2.0. The same way Mike Tyson was the undisputed champ of boxing, J Brands is setting out to continue that legacy by making this product launch a knockout hit! You can expect to see J Brands debuting their Tyson 2.0 products at Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas in February, and at ASD later in the year. You can reach out to info@jbrands.com to access a full digital catalog of J Brands wholesale products. For more information, you can visit their website at jbrands.com or give them a call at: 347-306-0003.