The Crown JUUL - Meet the vapor industry’s top-performer.

Sleek, trendy, and discreet, JUUL is the hottest e-cigarette currently on the market. Sought after for its intuitive, modern design, strong, enjoyable flavors and simple portability, it’s easily the most recognizable and asked-for vapor product available today. It’s the go-to for customers seeking a tobacco-free alternative to nicotine delivery, and for retailers looking to draw customers in with a top-performing product.

Co-founders, James Monsees and Adam Bowen developed JUUL while seeking out a solution to the negative health and social impacts of cigarettes. Both smokers for many years, they were dissatisfied with their available options. So utilizing their backgrounds in product design, they brought contemporary industrial form and function into the tobacco industry, creating a new, standout product.

Modern in look and feel, the JUUL is equally impressive in performance, using a proprietary salt-based nicotine e-liquid formula at levels superior to its competitors. The cutting-edge device features a regulated heating element that automatically senses each draw, ensuring consistent delivery at the ideal temperature.

Launching amidst big cloud-competitors, JUUL also stands out for its simple portability and versatility. Sized and chargeable like a USB cartridge, it’s effortlessly transportable. And as producer of minimal byproduct, it’s easy to use both indoors and outdoors, as it does not require large exhales of smoke or vapor.

Phillips & King recognized JUUL as a rising star when it launched in 2015. They quickly brought it into their distribution channels, knowing the product and its accessories would offer big opportunities for their retail customers. Phillips & King were one of the first distributors to partner with JUUL, helping to propel the product into its current status as the #1 vapor brand in the United States, according to sales figures.*

“From a nationwide distributor perspective, JUUL is one of those once-in-a-lifetime products that took the entire vapor market by storm,” says Sergio Montolfo, General Manager of Phillips & King. “We’re honored to have carried JUUL since they entered the market following the success of their PAX vaporizer. What’s more, the product has been, and continues to be, a perfect fit for our independent retail customers.”

With good margins on the device and pods for retailers, and attractive pricing for consumers that aren’t currently subject to high taxes like cigarettes, JUUL sales show no sign of slowing down.

“JUUL’s popularity was evident during the TPE trade show earlier this year,” says Steve Davidson, Vapor Product Specialist at Phillips & King. “The overwhelming demand for JUUL from retailers was a testament to the magnetic appeal of the brand. Throughout the show, our booth was filled with retailers from all over the country wanting to bring the product into their stores.”

*Source: Nielsen, 4-week period ending 5/19/18