Kabre Customs

Kabre Customs is, first and foremost, a family owned and operated sawmill company whose mission is to keep good wood out of landfills and trash dumps. We have several tree companies who tell us when a good hardwood tree needs to be cut down. We take the wood from them so they do not throw it into a landfill or dump. We started out doing bar tops, tables, China cabinets, and more of the traditional woodworking. I decided I wanted a tobacco pipe to smoke at the bar with some good whiskey, and all the long stemmed pipes I looked at were the same things that have always been there. So I made my own. The first night smoking it at the bar everyone said I need to make more, and our wood pipe business started.

We had a very successful first show at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver 2015, then several CHAMPS, and have been building from there! We are now focusing on wholesale and getting our pipes to everyone who wants a better option! We are also excited to introduce the first pieces in the line of glass wood hybrids. We have 14mm female glass joints permanently set into the bowl end so people can throw on a banger for some dry dabs! This allows the store to sell their customer what they really want be it a banger, flower bowl, or both! We strive to make the best quality pieces for the best price, and we add a unique flair which makes our pipes world class. We will have a website done soon (kabrecustoms.com), and until then you can contact me on Facebook and Instagram by searching Kabre Customs, as well as checking out a variety of pictures from past projects.