This Florida entrepreneur has stood the test of time and established a reputation that forecasts an impressive legacy ahead.

Founder of Dr.Yinzy's CBD, KMA CBD, and Wholesale to Friends, he learned the ins and outs of the business while sitting as Vice President of two large, established hemp companies. Even during the time -- over 12 years ago -- Mr.Malinowski was committed to going above and beyond for his customers. Peeved by the low-quality products that other competing companies were offering their customers, he made sure Dr.Yinzy's CBD would provide his customers with the highest quality hemp products on the market. One way they achieved this was by building a close relationship with the Florida Department of Agriculture. Putting saftery, quality, and customer satisfaction at the forefront, Dr.Yinzy's CBD was able to create a trinity of hemp companies that today stand firmly and confidently in a moving market

"Mr.Malinowski was committed to going above and beyond for his customers."

It was important that the brands be unique, so they diesignated a distinct voice to each one in order to satisfy a broader market. Dr.Yinzy's CBD, for instance, strikes a more medicinal and professional tone, while KMA CBD (whish stands for Kick My Ass) is a "smoke-shop friendly" brand that boasts vibrant designs and a more playful, recreational voice. With their more approachable and trendy attitude, KMA CBD has some exceptional, special blended gummies and disposables. There is a reason you are seeing more of their products in CBD Welelness Stores and Smoke Shops.

Dr.Yinzy's CBD generous contribution to the world of hemp has enables them to stand out. Since the beginning, they've helped many companies find their footing and have always had the mindset that there is enough room in the hemp industry for other small businesses to succeed and thrive. This attitude has cemented them as a valuable ally in a business that can sometimes feel chaotic and cutthtroat.

The hemp industry ios also a rather new and an underdeveloped one, and one that is rapidly evolving. That is why Dr.Yinzy's CBD / KMA CBD sets out to provide the most up-to-date products available on the market. Two of these products being their highly sought-after HHC and THC-P disposable vapes. Offering sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, there is something for everyone to enjoy. In addition to this, Dr. Yinzy's CBD specializes in uinque relief products that help with those everyday aches and pains. They also offer an Arnica Menstrual Cramps Balm for women. They specialize in gluten-free, vegan-frinedly live rosin infused gummies and even Broad spectrum CBD infused pet treatsa. Dr.Yinzy's CBD infused pet products were formulated by veterinarians to help with specific ailments like allergy, calming, and hip & joint for your little furry friends. In fact, they were one of the first companies to get certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture to sell CBD products, which subsequently helped pave the way for other emerging businesses to do the same. They have food and feed permits which seperate them from many competitors. If that wasn't impressive enough, their company also carries up to $5 million in liability insurance. Many competitors don't even bother with this. In other words, they go above and beyond to keep their customers satisfied.

"This attitude has cemented them as a valuable ally in a business that can sometimes feel chaotic and cutthtroat."

When COVID-19 afflicted the world, they felt inspired to push even harder and help those they knew could benefit from CBD. By 2021, ttheir company grew to having over 11 unique products. Now, Dr.Yinzy's CBD has over 15 products and 15 products under the KMA CBD brand.

This is only an early chapter in Dr.Yinzy's CBD and KMA CBD's story, but given the trajectory, there's no doubt that many good things lie ahead for these companies and the customers who are fortunate enough to cross paths with these stellar businessess. | (561)982-6354