Kraken Kratom

Jeff Stratton, CEO and Founder of Kraken Kratom, comes from a self-taught background in IT, but in the late 80s became interested in ethnobotanicals, psychoactive plants, and drugs. This interest led Jeff to Portland, Oregon, where he, his wife, Brook, and his son, Drew, founded Phytoextractum: Plants & Extracts, an online ethnobotanical catalog and collection of psychoactive seeds, plants, and extracts which took its first order in 2005.

Among the items available was the first entered into the catalog, Mitragyna speciosa, otherwise known as kratom. Over the course of nearly a decade, Phytoextractum’s kratom catalog grew in both quality and quantity, eventually containing more than 30 unique raw kratom and kratom extract products.

In 2014, co-founded by Jeff, Brook, and Drew, Kraken Kratom was born as a brand and a family business with a select handful of Phyto’s most superior and popular kratom products. The brand’s most well-known and all-time best sell-ing product is one of their first, OG Gold Reserve Kratom Ex-tract. Utilizing a 45% pure mitragynine extract, and blended with top quality kratom leaf powder, Kraken has created an extract product that appeals to a wide variety of consumers in the kratom community.

The Kraken team has worked together to build a responsible brand that is trusted by kratom consumers all over the world. Kraken Kratom is proud to be the first American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practices Qualified Kratom Vendor. This accreditation reflects their commitment to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices), compliance, and their customers.

The company employs extremely stringent receiving, testing, and quarantine procedures to ensure the safety and purity of the products, all overseen by their stickler of a Quality Manager. They utilize multiple lab testing facilities, and go the extra mile to share educational resources with suppliers and other vendors in an effort to take all measures necessary to guarantee the safety of customers, and to protect the kratom industry overall.

The team at Kraken Kratom is thrilled to present their newest and hottest kratom extract product, Platinum 80. Each of Kraken’s chewable Platinum Tablets contains 75mg of highly refined Platinum 80% mitragynine extract. This product is touted to be “a product for the true kratom connoisseur” and is sure to be a bestseller. For wholesale purchasing, their lines are sold in packs with built-in product displays. To help support retailers, they also offer “Starter Sets” that include a countertop or freestanding display that is fully equipped with ready-to-sell product.

As a company that is dedicated to advocacy, their top priority is consumer’s health and safety. Which is why they maintain a highly involved position with state and federal policies and push for changes toward positive growth and reasonable industry standards. Jenn Lauder, Director of Marketing and Advocacy claims, “The market decides for itself. When our product is on the shelf next to other kratom brands, Kraken’s high standards and commitment to quality are clear.”

Meet the team behind Kraken Kratom at upcoming trade shows such as Champs in Chicago, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas, and ASD in Las Vegas. For more information. Visit their online wholesale portal at