Legal Lean

As the Orlando, FL-based parent company says on its website (, the product allows users to “cool down after a workout, or chill before bed. Our mixture of herbs and nutrients promotes a state of enhanced rest and bliss. This helps the body and mind find peace. Countless trials have been done to create the perfect natural mix. Enjoy calming effects without losing great taste. A specially formulated blend includes natural herb extracts, proprietary ingredients, and essential vitamins. “Unlike lean made with scheduled or dangerous ingredients, our product is a dietary supplement made with the customer’s safety in mind.”

“Legal Lean syrup has been our flagship product,” says Nick Anderson, the three-year-old firm’s owner and director of sales and marketing. “It has been on the market for two years now.”

As the company told consumers, wholesalers and retailers in its creative marketing campaign, it was the first legal syrup product on the market, and revolutionized the syrup trend in the smoke shop/convenience store industry. Its logo, showing the signature cup with purple liquid, is well recognized in the industry.

“Now the syrup genre seems be a staple product for all smoke shops across the country,” Anderson says, “and is continuing to LEGAL LEAN is a new, mood-boosting drink made to help consumers unwind after a stressful day – and its horizons are unlimited. gain momentum and attracting popularity within the new demographics and markets.”

Anderson says that his new and biggest challenge is “dealing with liars, copycats, counterfeiters, undercutters and crooks in the industry. When we first started we were the first legal syrup to go mainstream. Now there are over 20 brands, many of which saturate the market and lower the margins by selling their products cheaper than ours in an attempt to take some of our marketshare.”

Indeed, he and his team have even had to deal with someone counterfeiting their product. “We have learned that you must be doing something right when people want to take the time to copy and counterfeit what you are doing,” Anderson reflects. “I think it’s a compliment, and it just drives me and my team to work harder to outshine the competition to stay at the top of the syrup game. Our natural instinct is to work hard, and no matter how big we get, never get complacent or lazy.”

That is easier said than done in a growing, still volatile market. As Anderson confirms, “The game is always changing and moving, so we must keep pushing. The minute you start slacking off and slowing down, someone new will come in and take the market right out from under you. We learned that in this industry everyone knows everyone, so you must be honest and do as you say you are going to do. If you don’t, in the long run it will come back to bite you, and eventually you will be squeezed out of the industry for being dishonest.”