Liquid Barn

LIQUID BARN in Los Angeles, CA, is a top-notch manufacturer, online retailer, and wholesale supplier of eLiquid compounds and accessories. As leaders in e-cigarette technology and safety, the four-year-old company proudly sources ingredients from the most reputable sources available on the market, while continuing to adapt to consumer needs and FDA regulations. After years of establishing itself as the premiere liquid supplier for prominent vaping brands, the growing needs of vapers and do-it-yourself enthusiasts have shifted management’s attention to consumer-direct products. “Our values remain to deliver quality, consistent and fairly priced eJuice products at a truly exceptional level of service,” the company says, “so customers can find the product and taste that’s right for them.”

Individual item personalization is especially important, as many Liquid Barn customers utilize the company’s products on their path to eventually switching from smoking cigarettes to a non-nicotine containing eLiquid. While experiences and goals may vary, the mission is to provide customers with the tools and ingredients necessary to align with specific needs.

As executives explain to visitors to their web site, “We believe vaping was meant to be personalized -- and that goes far beyond taste. Our mission is to provide a quality line of diverse products that meet your individual eJuice needs. From nicotine levels, to premium flavors, Liquid Barn empowers customers with the ingredients and control to create and adjust a personal vaping experience.”


“During the early days of the vaping boom, we had a few clients skyrocket to become very well-known juice brands,” says Ash Mazarei, Marketing Director for Liquid Barn. “Their demand for only the highest quality, consistent, traceable ingredients, and our ability to meet those demands, are what separated us from other competitors.”

As the industry evolved and more companies and shops were getting into making their own juice and customizing blends for customers, he continues, Liquid Barn made its high-quality ingredients available and easily accessible. “Since there was a lot of activity in the industry and making your own juice was so simple, there was an emerging DIY community brewing in the vaping industry and we were at the forefront of providing a safe and easy way to get it done right.”

Liquid Barn has taken the DIY concept and made it accessible to vapers who don’t necessarily want to dive into calculating and measuring ingredients in order to make eLiquid. Says Mazarei, “We took the idea of being able to control what you put in your body, and having the freedom to flavor your vape to your liking, and made it foolproof and attainable to any vaper.”

The company has introduced Basic eLiquid and Flavor Cartridges. Basic eLiquid is an unflavored, pre-mixed base, built to provide a consistent vaping experience at desired nicotine levels (0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg).

“You can vape this by itself and enjoy a flavorless vape,” Mazarei points out. “Where it gets interesting is when you combine the Basic eLiquid with a Flavor Cartridge. Without the mixing, measuring or mess, you can transform the taste of your Basic eLiquid in just one step with our Flavor Cartridge. Choose from a variety of available flavors to personalize your vaping experience without any additional tools or labware.”

His company also provides raw ingredients for eLiquid manufacturing (Flavors, Nicotine, PG, VG, and bottles), and various kits to help guide vapers in making consumers’ own eLiquid. Liquid Barn has focused primarily on business-to-business and online ecommerce. But, he adds, “our Basic eLiquid and Flavor Cartridges will be distributed to B&M vape shops.”

Liquid Barn differentiates its products from competitors by using the highest quality ingredients sourced by the most reputable manufacturers and nicotine grown and manufactured here in the United States. “Since we started as a wholesale supplier to top-tier juice lines, there was a demand from them for the highest quality, traceable ingredients,” Mazarei says. “We have now taken those same ingredients and made them available for the DIY community. Knowing and trusting the quality of your liquids makes all the difference.”

The corporate culture among the company’s 24 employees is one that stresses responsibility, says Mazarei. “We believe in fair regulations to keep harmful ingredients and compounds out of eLiquid, and to keep E.N.D.S out of the hands of minors. But we also have an open enough market to give freedom to consumers so they can choose what flavors they want to vape. We strongly believe in community, collaboration and open-source environment as the best method for advancement in technology, products and services.”

Targeting the Mainstream

Over the past year, Liquid Barn has actively collaborated with their clients and suppliers to provide the FDA with accurate and relevant data in the development of the authorization process and further regulations. Looking ahead, Mazarei says Liquid Barn’s plan is to remain one of the largest eLiquid suppliers of Nicotine, Flavors, PG and VG for the vaping industry during this transition period. “And to bring the concept of flavoring your own eLiquid to the mainstream.”

The main dynamic affecting the entire industry is regulations, he explains. “But we are confident that we have put together a strong team to make sure a path to authorization is met.” In accordance with safety regulations and industry best practices, the company’s selections are continually updated to reflect the current consensus of acceptable vaping flavors and ingredients. “Simply put, our products exist to transform vaping for you personally, providing customers with limitless eJuice possibilities to surpass their expectations. It’s more than just eJuice; it’s the power to transform your eLiquid into exactly what you need it to be. It’s the freedom to be a Tastemaker.”