Lush Vapor

Lush Vapor Founders Barry Vuong, Toan Nguyen (Director of Sales), and Jack Nguyen (Director of Marketing and Design) have been a part of the vape industry in the US since circa 2012. When they started in the vape industry, the technology wasn’t yet available to match the experience of larger, higher powered tank based devices. But, the combination of patience and persistence has afforded them with the opportunity to tap into their industry knowledge and experience to create a product with wide appeal - when judged on the trifecta of taste, performance and price point. Lush Vapor Co was established in mid-2019 in Rockville, Maryland, USA and has since positioned itself to be one of the front-runners of the disposable market in 2020 and beyond!

With an extensive background in the vape industry, disposables were no strangers to the team. After they witnessed a clear need for a more accessible product which the everyday smoker would feel comfortable using, their brand was established to provide a high quality affordable alternative to cigarettes and tobacco - without any learning curve and at a familiar, attractive price point! They decided to use the business model of the top industry brands, with their own added “Lushcious” twist! Their twist was the desire to offer consumers their own unique version of a quality product, while also having fun with the flavoring. This vision has made Lush what it is today. Lush disposables fill the void in the market by giving smokers a high quality flavorful experience in a familiar way that is still at an affordable price point. The ease of use is obvious since Lush disposables require no tanks, batteries, or bottles of juice! Now consumers don’t have to make a mess or worry about dropping or losing an expensive device, they can just grab a Lush and go - and simply toss it when it’s done.

Lush Vapor Co is best known for their premium disposables at an affordable price, with unmatched flavor quality in the market! When asked what they are most proud of as a brand, Barry Vuong (President, Director Operations) said it best; “We stand behind our products’ quality and brand. Lots of competitors will dump products on suppliers and retailers, just to disappear. We have been in the industry long enough to know that those businesses aren’t around for the long term. We will continue to invest the time, effort and resources necessary to ensure that not only do our products continue to have superior quality above the competition, but we also offer business support and marketing to keep the brand ahead of the game.”

Instead of rushing their products to the market (as other brands have done with subpar flavors and performance), the crew took the extra time to make sure Lush disposables will impress even the most die-hard vapers. They’re proud to admit that they labored over hundreds of different formulations before landing on the final 12 flavors that are available today. These 12 “Lushcious” disposables provide an amazing lineup of mouth-watering flavors including Crème, Iced Passion fruit, Peach Lemonade, and Orange Soda. Each disposable guarantees 400 puffs with 5% nicotine, and a total of 1.2ml of e-liquid. The branding and packaging conveys a fun and happy experience with a variety of ombre color gradients and graphics that reflect each of the different flavor profiles offered by Lush Vapor Co.

Lush Vapor continues to increase brand awareness through their summer marketing campaign with several magazine publications, as well as upcoming appearances at the CHAMPS and VOXPO virtual trade shows later this year. Their goal is to get Lush in as many hands as possible over the next six months, because they are so confident in their formulations, that once someone tastes the quality of Lush flavors, they’ll keep coming back for more! Lush is dedicated to providing the best quality disposables in the market, and has big plans to continue to demonstrate that as they take on exciting projects that are currently in development (to be released in the near future), which will surely show their support for retailers and get customers excited! For more information about Lush, visit their website at