Mood Rite

The Mood Rite brand was established to serve consumers with a completely natural substance for pain relief and relaxation. Mood Rite’s name was derived from the combination of the words Mood; the emotional state, and Right; correct, and Rite/Writ; a written order or prescription. This perfectly demonstrates the brand’s ultimate goal, in support of their mantra, “It is time to feel right again.” The market has shown a great desire for more wholesome, natural remedies beyond the offerings from the mainstream medical community. This is where Mood Rite has stepped in, to fill that void with their line of natural wellness products. Best known for their ultra-high quality CBD products, the brand is elated to announce a new expansion that includes kratom, and other natural wellness products to the line as well!

Mood Rite has dedicated their brand to the improvement of the physical and mental well-being of their customers. They’ve already made a name for themselves in the market with all-natural CBD products, sourced from hemp grown on American farms. Their certificate of analysis from a third-party lab are made available online, because they maintain a rigorous testing process with every batch to ensure a pure product in every single bottle. Mood Rite uses only the highest quality ingredients from select farms (purchased in large quantities), so they can pass down competitive pricing to their customers, with a superior product. They believe in providing the best product to the end user, and vow to never compromise on quality.

Beyond their quality CBD product line, Mood Rite is ready to take center stage with an entirely new line of top quality wellness products; The Mood Rite Kratom line! Much like hemp, kratom comes in many strains, each with their own unique effects. Mood Rite offers their kratom in 6 potent strains, in both capsule and powder form, made available in 40CT, 75CT and 250CT capsules, and in 50mg 200mg 500mg, and 1kg powder.

The first strain that Mood Rite offers is one of the most effective, called Trainwreck. This full spectrum strain has a high concentration of alkaloids that provide pain relief, stimulation, and a lightening of the mood. The next strain is called Green Malay, which is well known for its potent anti-anxiety effect. The premium Bali kratom strain offers several effects like pain relief, lifting mood, weight management, and anxiety relief. The Green Maeng Da strain is used extensively for stimulation and uplifting, but also sedation, analgesia, and anti-anxiety capabilities. The Red Maeng Da strain is highly famous amongst kratom users, best known for producing high energy levels, motivation, and euphoria. Finally, the White Maeng Da strain has a refreshing and energizing effect.

Mood Rite thoughtfully aligned their branding as a synthesis of the old and new. The sun with a face appears throughout many esoteric texts from antiquity, and is well known by holistic alternative medicine users, as these esoteric texts are the foundations upon which most of their rationale are based on. By putting a modern take on this traditional symbol, Mood Rite has made an elegant, clean corporate logo, while maintaining the image of trusted pharmaceutical grade quality. This aesthetic was carefully constructed to draw in the exact demographic that seeks out these types of natural products.

Keep an eye out for Mood Rite, as the team intends to exhibit at all the major expos in 2021, such as; Champs, TPE, ASD, and CBD expo. For more information about Mood Rite’s exciting new kratom line, visit their website at