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Manufacturing Supplements In A Volatile Atmosphere

“I was asked by some colleagues to write articles for this industry, and I could not be more excited to express my strong interest in an open discussion on difficult topics and government notoriety.” James Morrissette

My name is James Morrissette. I am the CEO of a technical, GMP compliant facility in the State of Florida, where we manufacture high quality, safe, consumable products under strict regulatory guidelines. We are a true high-end manufacturer and focus on the highest of quality standards, safety, and the development of new supplement products that are unique to the marketplace.

The dietary supplement industry is lacking in regulation; therefore, poor pricing and the lack of product safety is an unfortunate result. As legitimate and actual supplement manufacturers, it is our true belief that paying a higher market price delivers a safer, more effective product. Safety always comes at a cost to the public, but it can be made affordable through proper regulation and competition between manufacturers.

We cannot live without safety, otherwise, we live in danger. Understanding GMP manufacturing can be a lifetime of learning, but it delivers us all in the US to fear nothing in licensed grocery or retail stores and leaves us with options for damages caused by non-compliance.

Our current facilities have well over 60,000 sq/ft for consumable manufacturing which has been inspected by the FDA and successfully deemed compliant. We manufacture supplements for the alternative lifestyle product industry, or “The Wild West”! Regulation here? Let us pray! The demand for natural products is taking this market by storm. Maybe it’s the heavy pressure being put on the legalization of marijuana, or it could be the high demand for our personal choices of selfhelp products. In either case, the pharmaceutical industry’s corruption has successfully consummated solutions for people who are tired of the multiple known and unknown underlying issues. These pharma Companies are constantly gambling on US lives for financial success. The result is an exploding supplement market providing alternative solutions.

I am frustrated in my experiences as a medium-sized company that follows the law. Underlying corruption and legal issues lend themselves to lobbied officials that influence the results. These results are ones that are not based on facts, research, or documented experiences, but are based more on the presentation, propaganda, and creative approaches from uneducated activists needing a cause but not understanding the cause they represent. Parents with children who have overdosed are made to believe that it is the supplements and not the pharmaceuticals that killed their children. No parent wishes to admit that their child was an addict, and they address the Committee with a broken heart and pictures and memories of lost loved ones. The Committee often responds out of emotion, which then results with the benign product becoming illegal, which clearly does not address the root cause.

Let’s not lose site of the facts above, not to mention that people are not dying from supplements. Then why do we need to defend them daily? Our people are dying from pharmaceuticals and illegal fentanyl that pours into our open boarder daily. Why is our boarder open and costing us lives and money daily? Maybe it’s the corruption and premature interjection of so many pharmaceuticals and the giant immeasurable amounts of money generated by their success. The system needs more cooperation from our government. They need to be held accountable and limited in their influence over and interaction with the FDA. Its ripe for corruption and we will not see a solution until supplements have a better and more accurate system by which to be measured and regulated.

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