Natures Harvest

“In addition to Natures Harvest, we develop, formulate, manufacture, fulfill, and market clients’ products, and provide customized marketing and other business development solutions.” What can you accomplish when you combine two highly driven individuals who have extensive experience with sales and marketing in the smoke and convenience store industry? Brian Turner, National Sales Account Manager at Nature’s Harvest, and Brian Hamilton, VP of Business Development at Nature’s Harvest, teamed up to provide the ultimate business development solutions to brands for this specific industry. You may be curious about how they can help your brand reach its full potential. Just take a look at their own established brand, Nature’s Harvest. The team was introduced to CBD over 4 years ago, during which time they watched new discoveries of its benefits and rapidly growing popularity. Turner was working in tobacco at the time and already knew the industry’s ins and outs, while Hamilton was Vice President of a drug company. With both of their knowledge and backgrounds, a shift to this new market within the industry made perfect sense. Nature’s Harvest became established in 2014 in Winchester, Indiana and is currently expanding to Florida as well, and is successfully distributing to all 50 states and internationally.

Nature’s Harvest targets the C-store market offering an array of quality CBD products, including tinctures, gummies, and pet treats. Their CBD tinctures range from 150mg all the way up to 2,500mg per bottle. The CBD Gummies range from 90mg to 500mg and are available in several delicious flavors such as Natural, Raspberry, Mixed Berry, and Melon. The gummies are also equipped with an eye-catching counter display box (10ct) that only takes up 3inX4in of counter space. The pet treats range from 90mg to 500mg, and can used by all types of pets such as cats, dogs, and even horses. Nature’s Harvest CBD is sourced all in the US, in Kentucky. Nature’s Harvest products are also assigned a QR Code printed label on each package, providing a traceable product back to where its raw materials were sourced. The QR Code is not only compliant with Indiana State law, but also keeps Nature’s Harvest prepared and ahead of the game for future law changes throughout the US.

“In addition to Natures Harvest, we develop, formulate, manufacture, fulfill, and market clients’ products, and provide customized marketing and other business development solutions.”

Brian explains what this kind of service can offer prospective brands within the industry. Nature’s Harvest aims to provide a full-service private label manufacturing and fulfillment company that specializes in the CBD Market. Their main goal is to grow businesses with their marketing services and turn-key template to help brands sell their products online. In the past, they have successfully helped brands grow to multi-million dollars in sales annually, launching several online brands for supplements, skincare, health and wellness with their business development support, industry trend guidance, and marketing strategies.

All of their products are manufactured in a Clean Room Facility, or a FDA Certified Organic Manufacturing Facility. When a company comes to them with the desire to create their own brand, they will receive a free marketing consultation, expert recommendations on current product trends, and business development strategies. They can begin with a minimum order of 500 units on private label. They will provide artwork, logo advice, and print/apply branding labels. They also provide a fulfillment center where they can fulfill the product direct to consumer, if needed.

Their background as leaders in the internet advertising space and industry experience has allowed them to understand the marketplace like no other, which makes them the premier choice to white label and guide your CBD brand. They have proven to be able to support products and services through their expert channel distribution, never compromising quality or customer service to reach the online wholesale and retail markets. Discover Nature’s Harvest for yourself at Champs and ASD Trade Shows next year, or learn more on their website at or reach out to the team directly at and