Niche Bioceuticals

Premium Grade Broad Spectrum CBD Nutraceuticals + Topicals

Through a combination of meticulously curated ingredients, rigorous testing methodologies and a commitment to consumer trust, Niche Bioceuticals strives to serve as a beacon of excellence and integrity in the CBD industry, providing individuals with safe and effective formulations they can rely on.

With this notion, a precious gift from nature, and our passion for a healthy lifestyle, we have embarked on a mission to bring the finest CBD the world has to offer by upholding the highest standards for quality, potency, consistency and purity.

Founder’s Vision: Founded by a PhD in Analytical Chemistry, Niche Bioceuticals is the result of a lifelong pursuit of excellence in creating the highest-grade specialty supplements and herbal & botanical formulations that consistently deliver results. Combining expertise in analytical method development and validation, manufacturing process improvement, and all aspects of the product lifecycle, paired with a passion for improving lives, our Founder has set out to craft solutions that encourage plant-powered holistic wellness as a natural alternative, instilling trust, reliability, and wellness in every formulation we craft.

Innovation & Research: Innovation is the heartbeat of Niche Bioceuticals. Our company invests significantly in research and development, collaborating with experts and utilizing cuttingedge methods and expertly curated ingredients to continuously elevate our product line. With a commitment to pioneering advancements and improving lives we continue to redefine possibilities and set new benchmarks in the CBD industry.

Integrity: Transparency is at the core of everything we do. We believe that consumers have the right to know exactly what they’re putting into and onto their bodies. That’s why we provide comprehensive third-party lab reports, detailing the precise composition of our CBD products and confirming their compliance with industry regulations.

Customer-Centric Approach: Our mission doesn’t stop at providing exceptional products. At Niche Bioceuticals, the customer experience is paramount. Our goal is to empower consumers seeking natural alternatives to make informed choices and to feel confident about the CBD products they choose. We’re also driven by a desire to educate and empower individuals on their journey to wellness. Through informative resources, we aim to demystify the science behind CBD, address common misconceptions, and foster a community where knowledge and support thrive.

Product Details: Niche Bioceuticals offers the highest quality, broad spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oil products, that are free of THC, solvents, heavy metals and pesticides and are independently certified for product purity. Our collection of nutraceuticals and topicals are expertly crafted with carefully curated naturally-derived, premium quality ingredients. To ensure freshness, our formulations are made in small batches and are third-party tested to ensure accurate levels of cannabinoids and confirm the absence of THC.

SOFTGELS - Enjoy an exact dosage of CBD with each easy-toswallow pearl-size softgel, designed to dissolve effortlessly in mouth within seconds. Our groundbreaking softgels offer the benefits of sublingual delivery via a minty fresh, THC-free soft pearl made with three naturally-derived ingredients. Taking CBD sublingually can maximize both its effectiveness and the speed at which it works, by allowing it to bypass digestion and become rapidly absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Perfect for those seeking a simpler, more effective alternative to counting drops, hard-to-swallow gelcaps or sugar-packed gummies. Their cool minty flavor leaves breath feeling fresh and they’re sugar free.

TINCTURES – Niche Bioceuticals tinctures are made with US grown, broad spectrum organic hemp oil and USDA certified organic hemp seed oil. Our easy-to-take liquid tinctures come in four strengths, including: 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg and 3000mg per fluid oz. Available in delicious 100% naturally derived flavors, including: Citrus Punch, Lemongrass, Ginger, Mint, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and No Flavor.

CBD BALM - 2000MG - Enjoy potent yet soothing topical relief, plus a layer of skin-nourishing hydration with our revitalizing plant-powered balm. This carefully crafted blend is formulated with broad spectrum CBD sourced from US organically grown, premium quality hemp and 100%naturally derived organic beeswax and plant extracts. Its rich emollient texture creates the ultimate calming experience, while its minty fragrance soothes the senses. Ideal for those seeking the benefits of CBD through topical application.

ROLL ON OIL - Sourced from premium US organically grown hemp, our broad spectrum roll on oil soothes targeted areas, helping alleviate discomfort topically. This formulation is rich in calming yet potent plant extracts. The roll-on tip makes this hands-free topical application easy to use and convenient to bring along when on the go. Perfect for after awork out or for use throughout the day . Original and Extra Strength formulas. Email us for more information: