Platinum X CBD

Platinum XCBD Focuses on Success

Platinum XCBD was established in 2017 in Vista CA, by Edward Cates. While its location has remained in Vista, the company’s profile has changed as it has benefitted from great success and huge growth.

Speed and growth seem to be the hallmarks of this organization. From a 300 sq ft to facility with a few employees, the organization has grown to over 5000 sq ft with approximately 25 staff. Platinum XCBD has made efficiencies in production while maintaining consistency and exceptional quality. They have also managed to land a key national retail outlet - 7-Eleven!

Cates, a young entrepreneur wanted to make a change in the cost of using CBD goods and help other brands with co-packing and licensing other products. This mission remains the same today, to provide cost affordable cbd and to offer other brands an opportunity to utilize Platinum XCBD’s manufacturing capacity and help those brands offer quality, trusted products.

Smoke shops, head shops, dispensaries, health and wellness centers and distributors are target retailers and Platinum XCBD’s success has helped to grow the CBD market. Their product lines distinguished by potency, consistency, taste and value include:

CBD edibles – gummy /honey /lollipop
Cosmetic health and beauty products – ROLL ON , bath bomb, lotion, pain patch, face mask

A key partner ... 7-Eleven . Their lollipop displays can now be seen throughout 7-Eleven’s vast network of stores. Platinum XCBD’s popularity has not gone unnoticed and they have been mentioned in many articles for the success of their business with 7-Eleven and news outlets such as Leafly, etc. also citing them for their achievements!

You can also be a part of Platinum XCBD’s wave of success by contacting them through their website or via phone.