“PrimeXtrax, It just hits different.”

In 2022, PrimeXtrax emerged with a clear mission: to redefine the world of cannabinoids. Their vision was not just about offering products but creating unique, high-quality blends that transcend customer expectations. They aimed to craft exceptional experiences that would leave a lasting impression, inviting customers to return for more. At the heart of PrimeXtrax’s identity is their drive to deliver unforgettable experiences, meticulously crafted in each package.

“It’s not just about cannabinoids; it’s about creating a Prime experience, each and every time.”

What truly sets PrimeXtrax apart is their revolutionary concept: A single package that offers dual experiences. Each PrimeXtrax 3-gram disposable contains a THCA cannabinoid blend, alongside a tantalizing 12mg Live Resin Delta-9 infused gummy. It’s a one-of-a-kind concept designed to not only provide variety but also an elevated, prime experience. This ingenious combination allows customers to customize their cannabinoid journey, catering to both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts. They don’t merely sell products; they offer prime experiences. Their unique approach is all about enriching the senses, awakening the palate, and elevating the overall cannabinoid adventure. In a crowded marketplace, PrimeXtrax shines as a beacon of innovation and quality. However, what truly elevates the PrimeXtrax journey is their exceptional range of flavors. They boast an enticing palette featuring Mango Ice, Lemon Ice, Green Apple Ice, Strawberry, and Tropical Punch. The “Ice” in their ice flavors doesn’t signify menthol but rather an exquisitely refreshing sensation that intensifies with each puff. This unique touch has garnered a dedicated following and established PrimeXtrax as a standout in a competitive market. It underscores their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. “Discover the cold thrill of our ice flavors— refreshingly unique, unmistakably PrimeXtrax.”

PrimeXtrax has been making waves with their two exceptional product lines: firstly, their 3g Disposable, each thoughtfully paired with a 12mg D9 Gummy, and available in five enticing flavors. Secondly, their 25ct Single Jar, featuring a 12mg D9 Live Resin Gummy, also offered in five delicious flavors. They’re particularly thrilled to showcase the groundbreaking 3-gram disposables paired a 12mg Live Resin Delta-9 Gummy, offering a one-of-a-kind dual experience within a single package. Their standout favorites are the ice-flavored disposables, each meticulously matched with a complementary gummy flavor, resulting in an unforgettable sensory journey. For example, the Mango Ice Disposable comes with a Raspberry-flavored gummy, delivering a tropical, berry-infused experience. The Lemon Ice Disposable is perfectly complemented by a zesty Lemonflavored gummy, while the Green Apple Ice Disposable pairs with a Grape-flavored gummy, creating an intoxicating blend of tart and sweet notes. It’s this level of thoughtful flavor pairing that elevates their products from merely consumable to truly memorable. Keep an eye out for their next innovative release; it’s bound to be a game-changer for cannabinoid enthusiasts.

PrimeXtrax adopts a comprehensive approach to their business partnerships, offering an extensive suite of marketing and support solutions tailored to their B2B clients. From precisely targeted email campaigns to enticing sample promotions, they go the extra mile to provide the tools necessary for success. To enhance the partnership experience, they assign dedicated relationship managers to each business partner, ensuring seamless communication and support. They are not merely suppliers; they are genuine business partners who actively contribute to promoting their brand through your channels. Leveraging their marketing expertise, they drive interest and sales. This symbiotic relationship, nurtured through exceptional products and proactive support, sets PrimeXtrax apart in a crowded wholesale landscape.

PrimeXtrax’s branding and packaging are meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of a ‘Prime experience.’ They envision a ‘Prime Experience’ as a journey marked by luxury, unparalleled quality, and aim to deliver a multi-sensory adventure that distinguishes them in the cannabinoid realm. From their distinctive ice flavors to the dual-experience packages, every facet is purposefully designed to signal innovation, excellence, and the assurance of a personalized journey. Their packaging serves as an effective conduit for conveying this message, mirroring the same level of care as their products. Visual elements, color palettes, and even the tactile sensations of the packaging are harmonized to reflect the premium nature of their offerings. The packaging for flavors such as Mango Ice with Raspberry Gummy or Lemon Ice with Lemon Gummy not only captivates attention but also hints at the multi-layered experiences concealed within. The overarching goal is to make every interaction with PrimeXtrax, whether it’s the initial glimpse of their packaging or the unveiling of the product within, an integral part of the ‘Prime experience’ they wholeheartedly commit to delivering.

PrimeXtrax won’t be making appearances at traditional trade shows in the coming year, and there’s a reason behind this decision. They’re committed to investing in crafting more personalized and profoundly impactful experiences for their wholesale and distributor partners. Their belief is rooted in direct and tailor-made engagement that genuinely elevates your business. To connect with a dedicated account manager who’s solely committed to enhancing your sales performance and ensuring your success, retailers can reach out to D2G@ Instead of a one-size-fits-all trade show encounter, PrimeXtrax extends custom solutions and individualized support, solidifying their partnership as exceptional as the prime experiences their products offer.

PrimeXtrax is fueled by an electrifying enthusiasm, constantly seeking fresh avenues to enhance the customer experience. While their existing range of dual-experience packages is already creating ripples of excitement, they are in the final stages of research and development for their upcoming, gamechanging offering. Their overarching objective remains clear: to continually challenge the limits of innovation within the cannabinoid realm. Their aim is to provide customers with new ‘Prime experiences’ that not only align with but surpass their ever-evolving desires and preferences. If you found their current lineup revolutionary, you can rest assured that what lies ahead will be nothing short of extraordinary. To access their full lineup of Prime Experiences, visit their website at