Purple Rose Supply

In 2016, Sidney Quitorio saw his first “Cannagar” (coined from combining cannabis and cigar) on social media, which interested him because it demonstrated a unique, more upscale approach to rolled cannabis.

As a cannabis connoisseur, he was excited by the prospect of enhancing his smoking experience even further. This led him to try his hand at making his very own cannagar in 2017. After successfully making his first cannagar, Sidney realized that the feat wasn’t for the faint hearted. He dawned on the idea that developing a tool to make a proper cannagar would make this project more fun and user-friendly, and got to work on designing his own prototype for a cannagar mold.

Since most cannagars cost hundreds of dollars and come premade, they are often unaffordable for the average person. This also doesn’t lend consumers the freedom to customize for their taste, like choosing their preferred rolling paper, extras (such as added concentrates), and size preference. After a lot of research and feedback from fellow connoisseurs, the cannagar mold was created with the elevated smoking experience in mind.

Purple Rose Supply was established in 2018 by Sidney Quitorio. He launched the brand in the Bay Area in California and has since moved the operation to Las Vegas in order to strengthen the team in one central location. Since their launch in 2018 with their G1 CannaMold, the team assembled their experience to revamp the product with their G2 CannaMold. The Purple Rose Supply brand was created out of a desire to elevate the way consumers medicate, which comes across clearly since they’ve committed to creating exceptional cannabis accessories that el evate the smoking experience of both the casual enthusiast and the connoisseur alike. Their philosophy is that all cannabis users should be able to treat themselves.

Each mold comes as a kit that includes the mold, packing tool, bamboo skewers, and a wooden tip to provide users with just about everything they need to create their own cannagar. The G2 CannaMold is sold in 3 sizes: Personal, Small, and Large. The Personal fits 2-4 grams and is perfect for a solo session, which smokes for 30 minutes to 1 hour. The Small, (which is the most popular) fits 3.5-7 grams and is perfect for a small group of friends, and smokes for 1-2 hours. The Large fits 10-14 grams and is ideal for a party because it smokes for 2-4 hours. A cannabis cigar provides an elevated smoking experience as a slowburning, full-flavored roll that lasts for hours. When compressing cannabis with the G2 cannagar Mold, users can expect the smoothest smoking experience possible, with the added ability to customize to their personal preferences. Cannabis cigars have changed the smoking game for the cannabis community and have now become a favorite form of consumption.

Most cannagar molds are designed for producers with the need to make bulk cannagars. Purple Rose Supply’s focus is on consumers. They upgraded their original G1 CannaMold design following customer feedback, in an effort to design the easiest CannaMold to simplify the average person’s process in making a cannagar for themselves. Connecting with the customers, and understanding their problems is a main priority of their operation, which has led to the development of new products in response to the consumers’ questions and comments. They believe that constant interaction and communication with the consumers is key to their success. For this reason, they strive to keep an active presence on social media, and frequently put out surveys for customers to see what the market really wants.

In addition to keeping their ears open through social media, the team at Purple Rose Supply listens to their B2B clients as well. After receiving feedback from retailers, they found that some shops struggled to inform customers on how to use the product. Product education is absolutely necessary for this product, so they developed an excellent solution. Shipped with every B2B order now includes a countertop display equipped with information on how it works, kinetic sand alongside a practice mold, which allows a hands-on experience for customers to gain an understanding of how to work with the product. In addition, they provide an instructional video to retailers that they can play in store to get consumers excited about trying the product for a streamlined cannagar rolling experience. The team is currently developing a new version of their CannaMold, the G3, and it will be coming soon! In addition, they have a few other products based on market demand. The CannaShell, a hemp shell, allows consumers to easily slide their CannaCore in for the complete cannagar experience and the CannaTube, a cannagar humidor, which cures their cannagar perfectly. For more information and to see their 5-star rated G2 CannaMold in action, visit their website at purplerosesupply.com

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