Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds proudly asserts its position as an emerging market leader. With more than two decades of dedicated expertise, the company’s legacy is built upon the cultivation of genetically superior seeds. Their journey is marked by remarkable achievements, including numerous Cannabis Cup victories. As true trailblazers, these accomplishments have only fueled their ongoing pursuit of excellence. Royal Queen Seeds’ commitment to delivering unparalleled quality is reflected in their extensive range of organic seeds, designed to cater to the diverse needs of contemporary growers. Breaking boundaries, they recently launched their brand in the USA market, making history with the first cannabis seeds billboard in Times Square.

Established in 2010 by entrepreneur Boy Ramsahai in Holland, Royal Queen Seeds aimed to bridge the gap in the seedbank business model. They’ve created unique strains like Special Queen 1, Cookies Gelato, Shogun, El Patron, and Triple G, solidifying their brand’s distinctiveness. Driven by an inherent passion for cannabis, they subject their organic seeds to rigorous testing for germination, vigor, end yield, and recreational/medical effectiveness. Their ongoing efforts of intensive research and development keeps them at the forefront of customer preferences. They take pride in pioneering trends through top-notch breeding and innovation. Their perfect blend of reasonable pricing and exceptional quality have earned them the trust of the European cannabis community.

With over two decades of experience and a team of over 40 professionals, Royal Queen Seeds has cultivated exponential growth, reaching an impressive annual turnover of 20M€. At the heart of their philosophy is the principle of responsible growth, underscored by credibility and expertise.

The message Royal Queen Seeds shares is one of empowerment. Cannabis cultivation from seeds is accessible to all, irrespective of experience. Seeds offer practicality, cost-effectiveness, and a learning journey for novices. “At Royal Queen Seeds we’re right by your side. We are here to empower every kind of grower or cannabis enthusiast. To provide them not only with the finest cannabis genetics and top supplies, but with holistic direction and master growing content so our users can live a superior experience of self-growing.” -Shai Ramsahai, President at Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds’ range comprises modern cannabis genetics, including autoflowering and photoperiod feminized indicas, sativas, and hybrids. From seasoned experts to novice growers, their strains cater to all skill levels. Pioneering Cannabis Education, the RQS website is a treasure trove of cannabis knowledge, offering expert guidance on cultivation. With organic search driving 85% of their website traffic, an average of 2 million users per month access their meticulously curated content, rigorously verified by their team of biologists and experts. Their expansive resources, translated into 17 languages, epitomize their dedication to spreading knowledge. Royal Queen Seeds’ success isn’t just about products; it’s about education, quality, and diversity. Their offerings go beyond seeds; they offer expertise and unwavering support for growers at all stages.

Royal Queens Seeds unrivaled pricing and exceptional support further cement their position as a leader in the cannabis community. In addition to their diverse offerings and competitive prices, Royal Queen Seeds prides itself on its knowledgeable sales professionals, ready to provide essential information and unwavering support to retailers. Royal Queen Seeds is breaking boundaries with their stellar strains that stand out for superior quality and modernized genetics. F1 Hybrids is a huge milestone that brings Royal Queen Seeds to the future. This achievement is the fruit of years of research and development, which serves as a demonstration of their commitment to cutting-edge progress.

Orion F1 is an autoflowering cultivar that shines brightly in the world of F1 hybrid cannabis genetics. This compact plant yields a rewarding harvest in just 70 days post-germination. Boasting impressive resistance to pests, it’s a hassle-free option for growers. Uniformity, distinct flavors, and a pleasant stoning effect define this strain.

Medusa F1 is an F1 hybrid cannabis strain, rich in THC and sweet terpenes, induces a physical high that relaxes the body and inspires the mind. With a height of 83cm and maturity in 75 days post-germination, it’s a stealthy grower’s dream.

Northern Light Automatic is known for its exquisite blue-hued buds and trichome density. This cultivar offers a clear-headed high and an indica-dominant genetic profile. With a THC content of 14%, it’s perfect for zoning into tasks. Indoors, it reaches a height of 120cm and produces 500–550g/m², while outdoor plants grow to 160cm, yielding 170–220g/plant.

Cookies Gelato is a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid that offers a euphoric high fueled by 28% THC. With a medium height of 130cm indoors and 180cm outdoors, it delivers bountiful yields of 600g/m² indoors and 650g/plant outdoors and boasts notes of sweet earth, fruit, and herbs that add to its allure.

Retailers can expect to see exciting new products and collaborations as Royal Queen Seeds continues to expand its footprint in the USA market. Their presence and connection with the grower’s community are set to grow stronger, solidifying their status as trendsetters. Their nomination for the prestigious Emjay Awards for the “Best Seedbank” category in Las Vegas this November, further underscores their commitment to providing an excellent variety for their customers. Royal Queen Seeds’ engagement with industry peers continues as they participate in the upcoming MJ Biz Con on November 28th. Following their successful brand launch at the Champs Las Vegas tradeshow this past July, this event offers another opportunity to connect and collaborate. To become a reseller of Royal Queen Seeds and view their extensive selection available to retailers, visit their website at