Seltzer 8

Seltzer 8 Has Arrived!

Seltzer 8 is making waves. A hemp infused seltzer, naturally flavored using fresh ingredients and fruit juice. What’s even better; Seltzer 8 is Sodium Free and Gluten Free. Guaranteed to give you the feel-good buzz, while featuring natural ingredients and 0% THC, this infused Seltzer leads by example through guilt free relaxation.

Seltzer 8 is the perfect alternative to alcohol and over the top Hemp derived products. Beverage consumption is all about choices. Seltzer 8’s founders set out to bring an exciting, new, hemp-derived beverage choice to the market, which was developed with consumers in mind. With over 15 years in the Food, Beverage and Nightlife industry, the supporting team behind Seltzer 8 was hand-picked from different startup scenes and industries to bring the very best beverage to the table. The vision behind Seltzer 8 is most recognized as a fearless endeavor to lead the charge for alternative beverages in the hemp category, because there’s a lot of misconception surrounding Delta 8 and Hemp products. Putting these misconceptions to rest is no easy feat, but the founders at Seltzer 8 are up to the task.

“We use only the most delicious natural flavors to make the world’s best tasting ‘hard’ seltzer, bringing in all the benefits of Delta 8 THC without compromising on taste. We only use natural flavors, bringing you a product that is clean, crisp and refreshing without any of the harsh stuff.” – Seltzer 8 Founders Seltzer 8 is proudly 100% Made in the USA, and currently available in three delectable flavors: Black Cherry, Watermelon, and Lemon-Lime. Seltzer 8 is carefully infused with Delta 8, a cannabinoid derived from hemp. This ingredient provides the user with a calm, focused and relaxed experience whilst enjoying the drink. Infused with Delta-8, this refreshing beverage is ideal for social events where it’s ideal to feel creative, focused and zen. Black Cherry is a luscious and juicy sour that will rock your world and show your soul a good time! Watermelon is refreshing and bursting with flavor, creating a euphoric cool slice of paradise to dip into. Lemon Lime, a modern twist on the classic, is infused with a zesty, citrus punch that’s both crisp and bright to bring you to the sun and invigorate the mind and body.

The team behind Seltzer 8 believe that conscious consumption and transparency is very key in the Hemp industry. Seltzer 8’s packaging and branding was expertly designed to illustrate that sentiment. The sleek, large number “8” on the can symbolizes ‘Delta 8’, followed by the mention of it being ‘25mg Hemp Extract’. The minimal, sophisticated design elements on a slender can exemplify the target market of adults who’d like a classy and delicious alternative beverage to enjoy. A large market of adults are switching from alcohol to more health conscious and natural alternative drinks for life’s celebratory moments. With the brand rollout taking place during the summer months, the aesthetic was developed to match that vibrant, fearless energy that represents summer vibes.

Seltzer 8 understands the importance of supporting retailers. With the regulation of online sales ever changing, they consider retailers to be the backbone of the business. Consumers can and will ask a lot of questions about this product, so it’s important to provide retailers with information on a weekly basis. The company achieves this through email blasts, which contain FAQ’s and customizable marketing assets for retailers to take advantage of.

The Seltzer 8 crew is ecstatic to be on the Trade Show Circuit. Following the warm reception at Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas, keep an eye out for Seltzer 8 at more upcoming shows! In the meanwhile, you can stay connected when you follow Seltzer 8 on Instagram as they unveil more upcoming dates! Want to sell Seltzer 8? Visit online, or give them a call at 1.833.SELTZR8