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Sex Toys In Japan

Many manufacturers are so focused on the what – the products they make – that they tend to overlook the where -- where their customers are. For makers and marketers of sex toys, it turns out, one of the hottest markets in the world is the Land of the Rising Sun.

The sex toys market in Japan is expected to grow by $896.56 million by 2027, according to UK-based global technology research and advisory company Technavio. In addition, the growth momentum of the market will progress at a CAGR of 10.11%.

Increases in the number of cases of erectile dysfunction leading to the adoption of sex toys in Japan is notably driving the sex toys market. The market is segmented by distribution channels (online and offline) and products (adult vibrators, dildos, erection rings, sex dolls and others), Technavio noted in a new report.

“The online segment is estimated to witness significant growth during the forecast period,” the company reported. “The main driver of the online segment is to make it easier for consumers to access local sex toy sellers. The market expansion was significantly fueled by a significant increase in the number of sellers on Japanese e-commerce platforms.” E-platforms offer personalized support and purchase recommendations for a variety of sex toys, researchers explained, leveraging detailed product specifications to help consumers. “Hence, these factors are expected to drive segment growth during the forecast period.”

Market Trends

The growing familiarity and acceptance of sex toys in Japan is on the rise, Technavio found, which is itself an emerging market trend. Vibrators and dildos are getting popularized through media, leading to increased awareness and adoption.

“Furthermore, evolving perceptions and easy access to information online have contributed to the increasing demand for sex toys like rubber vaginas and adult vibrators,” the release explained. Clitoral vibrators utilizing sonic waves and pulses are some of the new products being explored by consumers. “Additionally, couples are embracing vibrators for shared pleasure, while beginners are opting for silicone anal toys that offer enjoyment without discomfort.”

Given the continued exposure to sex toys, the market in Japan “is expected to thrive in the forecast period.” According to Technavio researchers, the sex toys market there is fragmented, and the companies in it are deploying organic and inorganic growth strategies to compete in the market.

Japan’s market for sex toys is diverse, researchers emphasized, and encompasses a wide array of products aimed at enhancing intimacy, pleasure and sexual wellness. From vibrators and dildos to lingerie and lubricants, the industry caters to various preferences and needs.

“Sexual wellness products, including intimate devices and pleasure-enhancing devices, are becoming increasingly popular as individuals and couples seek ways to explore and enrich their sexual experiences. The market offers a range of options, from discreet pleasure products to luxury adult toys, all made from body-safe materials to prioritize safety and satisfaction.”

In recent years, the release continued, there has been a notable surge in the availability of eco-friendly sex toys, gender-neutral products, and BDSM equipment, appealing to consumers interested in sustainability and inclusivity. These products include wireless pleasure devices, app-controlled toys, and remote controlled toys, catering to the tech-savvy and those seeking interactive experiences.

Additionally, sexual-health aids such as lubricants and performance-enhancing products, are integral to the market, ensuring comfort, safety, and heightened enjoyment. Couples' toys and specialty lubricants are designed to enhance intimacy and satisfaction for partners exploring new sensations together.

“Fantasy accessories, fetish gear, and novelty items also play a role in the industry, offering diverse options for individuals interested in exploring their desires and preferences,” Technavio discovered. “Furthermore, Kegel exercisers and sexual position aids are gaining attention for their potential to improve sexual wellness and performance.

The Japanese market for adult toys continues to evolve, with an emphasis on body-safe materials, innovative designs, and discretion. Sensation play tools, erotic massage oils, and specialty lubricants “further contribute to a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience.”

Diverse Product Offerings

As for the products themselves, the report noted, the Japanese market is proving more diverse than some expected. Some highlights from the report include:

FETISH GEAR: “This niche segment caters to specific desires and preferences. Fetish gear encompasses a wide array of items designed to fulfill various fantasies and kinks, including leather accessories, bondage equipment, and sensory deprivation tools.” Eco-Friendly Sex Toys: With growing environmental consciousness, the market now features eco-conscious options. These toys are crafted from sustainable materials, utilizing biodegradable components or recycled materials, thereby reducing their environmental impact.

GENDER-NEUTRAL PRODUCTS: “Aimed at inclusivity and diversity, gender-neutral products transcend traditional categorizations, offering designs and functionalities that appeal to individuals regardless of gender identity.”

SEXUAL POSITION AIDS: These aids come in various forms, from supportive cushions and pillows to specialized furniture designed to assist couples in exploring different sexual positions for enhanced intimacy and comfort.

LUXURY ADULT TOYS: This segment “caters to those seeking the utmost in quality, innovation, and design,” Technavio found. “Luxury adult toys often feature premium materials, cutting-edge technology and sophisticated designs, providing users with a deluxe experience.”

BODY-SAFE MATERIALS: Manufacturers prioritize the use of safe materials such as medical-grade silicone, body-safe plastics and non-toxic substances, ensuring the health and well being of consumers.