Smosi, the Smoking System Revolution

In the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Hank had a vision – a vision of a discreet smoking device that would redefine the art of smoking for professionals and enthusiasts alike. You’ll find potential in the concept of a wooden one-hitter, but you may have noticed that existing designs are lacking, plagued by frequent clogs and inconveniences. Hank’s solution was a stroke of genius – a patented stainless steel one-hitter with a sharp front edge for easy loading, an ingenious poke design for clearing the bowl, a 4-gram capacity, airtight sealing, and affordability. Smosi was born, designed for convenience, utility, and affordability, turning smoking into a modern, hassle-free experience.

At Smosi, they’re more than just a brand – they’re a community of like-minded individuals seeking harmony and friendship. Their products are designed to be personal, fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle. Smosi is about taking a few moments for yourself, sharing quality time with friends, and maybe enjoying a puff or two. At the heart of Smosi’s mission is the deep personal connection that Hank, the founder, has with the brand’s purpose. Hank understands firsthand the importance of taking the necessary time in life to nurture one’s mental health and well-being, especially in today’s world where many people grapple with stress, anxiety, and depression. Hank knows how easily one can lose their truest self and diminish their feelings of self-worth and joy amidst life’s fast-paced demands. It was from this understanding that Smosi was born, not just as a smoking system but as a reminder to prioritize personal peace and friendly harmony in our lives. To embody this mission, they introduced Kenny as their mascot, a symbol of personal mental health and contentment, and an advocate for a life free from conflict. When you see Kenny’s face on a Smosi product, in your hand, or in your pocket, it serves as a heartfelt reminder to take a moment, feel good, unwind, relax, and share those precious moments with family and friends. Smosi is not just a brand; it’s a companion in your journey towards mental well-being, harmony, and happiness.

Smosi® Snap
The Ultimate One-Hitter Dugout
Introducing the world’s first child-resistant 100% certified OneHitter Dugout – The Smosi Snap. It combines convenience, discretion, and peace of mind, setting a new standard for safe and responsible smoking practices. The Snap Box holds up to 5 grams (an eighth of weed), features a child-resistant snap-shut lid, is water and odor-restricting, and even includes built-in cleaners. Constructed with food-grade quality plastic, it’s sized perfectly for everyday carry.

Smosi® Evolution
Self-Contained Smoking System
The Smosi Evolution is a self-contained system that fits in your pocket or purse, ensuring a smoke-and-go experience wherever you are. It’s efficient, no-waste enjoyment at its finest. Their Evolution Box holds up to 4 grams, featuring a snap-shut lid, built-in cleaners, and an easy-loading funnel. It comes with a stainless steel pipe – the Silver Devil – designed for a clog-free, perfect hit every time.

Smosi® Dragon
All-in-One Packaging
The Smosi Dragon is the ultimate all-in-one packaging solution, featuring compartments for your one-hitter, flowers, and a Bic lighter. It holds up to 5 grams (more than an eighth) of whole bud or ground flower, with a snap-shut lid that’s water and odor-restricting. The included stainless steel pipe, the Silver Devil, is designed for a clean smoke, and it’s all constructed from food-grade quality plastic.

Smosi® Mbox3 and Mbox5
Preroll Cases
Their Mbox3 and Mbox5 preroll cases are designed to keep your pre-rolls fresh and ready to smoke. These double-sided compartments are moisture and odorresistant, ensuring your rolls stay clean and uncontaminated. The snap-shut lids provide extra security for your smoke.
Positive Affirmations with Every Puff
At Smosi, they believe in mindfulness and intention. That’s why they provide different positive affirmations with each preroll cone, encouraging you to smoke with purpose and presence. Each cone is 98mm long and comes in packs of 50, making them perfect for extended enjoyment. What sets these cones apart is the infusion of positivity – every filter carries a positive message, such as “Unwind,” “Relax,” and “Feel Good,” encouraging you to savor each moment. Made from exquisitely thin rice paper, Smosi’s preroll cones ensure that nothing interferes with the pure essence of your chosen herbs. They are meticulously engineered to burn at a pace that allows you to relish each moment, making rushed sessions a thing of the past. With a focus on clean and smooth smoking, Smosi’s Rice Paper Pre-Roll Cones deliver an unparalleled smoking experience.

Join the Smosi Community
They see a future where Smosi products are packed with marijuana at dispensaries, delivering a complete and elevated smoking experience to enthusiasts worldwide. Visit and fill out their wholesale form to access exclusive offers, wholesale pricing, and their convenient ordering system. Smosi isn’t just about smoking; it’s about finding harmony, sharing friendship, and experiencing the world in a more mindful way. Choose Smosi, and let Kenny remind you to feel good, unwind, and relax. To get in touch with the team, wholesale customers can give them a call at (+1) 844-760-0766 or send an email to