More than just a branding house, a ten year journey that started on different paths but ultimately led to one road; SMRTN UP is the driving force in the consumable products industry that brings relationship, experience and a style of celebrity luxury that is setting a new standard.

The best companies are formed when partners share the same vision and passion. For SMRTN UP, that journey started more than a decade ago. With executives from the nightlife, alcohol and electronic vapor industries, SMRTN UP brings a unique approach to alternative health and spiritual well being. In order to move the masses, a company needs to be on the forefront of trends and innovation. Combining larger than life celebrity platforms, consistent and responsible high quality ingredient offerings with cutting edge packaging and graphic design, we have grabbed the attention of mainstream consumers to offer them a different perspective on health and well-being. From health based mushroom beverages, mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails), and new age cannabinoids, we build products to make our consumers put their spirit and health first.

2021 was a breakthrough year for our company; blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with some of the nations largest artists like Moneybagg Yo, YG and the sensational OHGEESY, we have built a platform where we are able to speak to the people. With a social media reach of over 400 million impressions a month, our company stays in the eyes of our consumers to ensure they are educated and up to speed on the best quality products for their needs.

Our flagship product DOUGH, has reached over 5,000 stores directly, with plans to go into the regulated cannabis space in the near future. With custom blends like Roses of God, Colombian Fruit Cart , Moneybagg Yo’s “Memphis Butter Cake” and YG’s “Bottle Service”, Dough has quickly gained a reputation for being the highest quality and strongest Delta 8 on the market, strictly made with the best cannabis derived terpenes money can buy. There’s no manufacturing price too high as consistency has always been key for long term growth in our opinion. We want to offer the consumer the best possible experience at an affordable price whenever they enjoy our products.

Moving toward the future, with the launch of “BUTTER” our newest HHC brand, the company hopes to create a new pathway into the cannabinoid industry. Each cannabinoid offers its own unique benefits and we hope to continue to explore this segment and bring the consumer the most beautiful and reputable products that they know they can trust. There’s a reason why the celebrity world has chosen to partner with us, SMRTN UP is more than a brand house, it represents a partnership between some of the largest creators in their respective spaces, responsible for bringing you some of the biggest names in the Vape and alcohol industries, with the CEO paving the way for Delta 8 as an original founding member of the largest Delta 8 brand ever created; before ultimately deciding to part ways from that project and go off into this new venture and visionary company.

When you see SMRTN UP, we hope you recognize quality and above all else, the responsibility we put forth to bring you the most innovative and visually stunning products in each category.

Please visit our products below for a complete list of SMRTN UP offerings:

Dough Delta 8 and HHC

Butter HHC

WOCKESHA Delta 8 syrup by Moneybagg Yo
WOCKESHA Kava Syrup by Moneybagg Yo

Happi Wellness - Mushroom based health shots
Maison de Garcion - Mushroom based mixer Mocktails