Two Bears Farm

Two Bears Farm opened in 2017 in Durango, Colorado by Sara Lord Sheeler, Hempress and Founder. Two Bears Farm is a place of holistic wellness for TBF people, plants and patrons, with a focus on premium quality and bioavailability few products can match: orchard-style, organically-grown, hand cultivated and cured, smokable hemp flower with high terpenes, trichomes and cannabinoids.

Today, even while navigating through cancer, Sara remains active and involved with the daily operation of Two Bears Farm. However, she relies on her core TBF crew for plant and product touching and patron/patient care. TBF grew rapidly from its original 8.5 acres and a couple of folks, to 80 acres and 20+ people during peak season, with 10,000 square feet of high- and low-tech greenhouses. Their focus is on people who are seeking solace, purpose and progress; from at risk domestic turmoil to PTSD veterans. They have broadened strain offerings from 4 to 12, and incorporate high terpene herbal blends. TBF is home of the 1.1 gram pre-roll (the same price of 1 gram) because, as Sara puts it, “Our patrons deserve a little extra! Not just medicine... But something better!”

When asked to describe her product line to potential retailers and distributors, and how her products distinguish themselves in the marketplace, Sara thoughtfully replies, “We are farm direct products with transparent COA QR codes and UPC, making it easier for the consumer, retailer or wholesaler/distributor to know what they’re getting. While we grow with the expectation of 5,000 pounds of trimmed flower, many larger peers other products are grown 1,000 acre-plus crop style with little to no plant touching, curing or ensuring flower is not seeded. Their trichome and terpene profile reflect this Big Ag, white label approach that turns product to a commodity, with little distinction between strains. We’re proud of our hemp and herb as it allows us to introduce new terpenes and flavors as well as allows TBF to be below 0.3% Total THC compliance in its smokable blends.”

In a nutshell, Sara makes 5 points that clearly distinguish her product line from others in this market:

1. Hand cultivated and cured for 3 to 6 months;
2. Pre-rolls are 1.1 grams
3. Direct from farm (most product is bulk sold, batched and white-labelled)
4. Willingness to lock in pricing and product availability to best clients
5. Woman, USMC veteran owned