“We provide an all-inclusive 3 day experience for the world’s most significant and pioneering cannabis brands and their audiences. Whether you’re an advocate, have questions, want to network or looking to purchase CBD, you will find what you’re looking for.”

USA CBD Expo was established with the intention to create an all-encompassing event for the growing vape and cannabis industry. Jason Monti, founding Partner of USA CBD Expo came from a background in financial sales, and in 2014, he met Zach through a mutual acquaintance. The two hit it off right away and started their events company in 2016, with a focus on alternative products in international markets. Soon after, the company was well known for their large vape and cannabis events throughout the nation and South America, with 10,000+ attendees, 300+ vendors and over 50 industry speakers. In 2017, they noticed an increased interest in CBD and Hemp. In an effort to serve the apparent need, they made the decision in 2018 to have a dedicated CBD/Hemp focused event.

Through their sister companies, the brains behind USA CBD Expo participated as exhibitors at other niche industry trade shows. Being a vendor before being an organizer gave the team inside knowledge into what their future vendors would be looking for in an event. They also have a better understanding of distribution, wholesale, and retail buying than most and are able to attract those attendees to their events. What makes USA CBD Expo unique is the diversity of brands and products that are being showcased on the show floor. The company prides itself on the positive impact that is created for businesses and consumers through their team’s commitment to unrivaled passion for an industry they truly believe in, and want to help grow

USA CBD Expo was fortunate enough to be able to host an event in Las Vegas this past February that marked their 10th live event and are excited to have 4 live events planned for 2021. To kick off the New Year, they will be hosting an event in Atlanta on February 5-7 (backup dates: April 16-18, 2021). Then, they plan to spring forward to an event in Medellin, Colombia on May 29-30, followed by a fall show in Chicago on October 1-3. With shows typically comprising 3 days with 10,000+ attendees, 300+ vendors, and 50+ speakers, the event puts a heavy focus on education, sourcing the industry’s best as well as covering a variety of topics. Additionally, they’ve created a place for vendors to showcase their products to buyers who are interested in purchasing wholesale, where they offer show special pricing and exclusive offers.

Now, USA CBD Expo is partnering up with Emerge to expand reach globally into the digital landscape with virtual trade show events. Additionally, since CBD is considered an alternative product, and the alternative products industry as a whole has been on a tremendous upward swing, the team is exploring and inviting others to their show. For instance, they’ve recently partnered with the American Kratom Association and they will not only be exhibiting with other members, but will be hosting a seminar to talk about the benefits of Kratom. They’re exploring the same idea with psychedelics and are actively looking for experts and established companies in the field to speak about where the industry is headed.

The event’s message is always consistent with their mission, to compress a rapidly expanding industry into one all-encompassing, premier event and consistently bring the most innovative and best products/brands to businesses and consumers. “We are very proud of the great success we have experienced through our USA CBD Expo events thus far, and are looking forward to providing business opportunities for this industry in 2021,” said Nicole Beiner, Marketing Director at USA CBD Expo. “We understand that it’s been a challenging year and that many are reluctant to invest in their business. In anticipation, we have prepared discounts, giveaways, and all kinds of benefits to give even the most budget-conscious professionals the opportunity to participate and benefit from our events. We look forward to returning safely to live events in 2021.” For more information on the upcoming events, visit their website at or email

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