USA CBD Expo hosted their 2nd event in the United States at the Las Vegas Convention Center on February 13th-15th, 2020. The expo provides retailers and buyers with the opportunity to evaluate new products, learn about industry trends, and network with more than 300 vendors. With an anticipated 14,000 attendees, exhibitors prepared to take advantage of the opportunity to network with key players across all facets of the CBD industry. Attendees were able to meet exhibitors and learn about brands directly, while also gaining more in-depth knowledge from a variety of educational seminars. Jason, CEO and Co-Founder of the USA CBD Expo started in vape industry expos in South America, beginning with Colombia. Since his expo success that begun in 2017, the expo evolved to the CBD and hemp markets. As he realized that the CBD industry grew into its own, it became clear that CBD needed its very own space. Since the official USA CBD Expo began last year, it has continued to grow exponentially.

Jason sat down with B2B Wholesaler Magazine during the Las Vegas Expo to discuss the future of USA CBD Expo, and his perspective of the current CBD industry overall.

How is the USA CBD Expo evolving since its conception?

Jason: “Our 1st show took place in Miami, with 300 vendors and 13 thousand attendees. Our 2nd show in Vegas, sold out very quickly. It provides a great place for the expansion of CBD and hemp awareness, because a lot information needs to be provided to the general public in order for the industry to continue to evolve. A large part of our operation is providing CBD education with a variety of industry speakers, which drives the mainstream public that are curious to learn about CBD at the expo, while also supplying these customers with access to CBD products. Our Expo tries to fill all the gaps for B2B and B2C, while providing a networking opportunity for all involved.”

What challenges have you faced while bringing a CBD expo to the public?

Jason: “Right now, the biggest challenge we’re facing is a lack of guidance from the government for how CBD should be categorized and handled. When the Farm Bill passed in 2018, hemp and CBD became federally legal overnight. This has led to a lack of direction from the FDA about things like what CBD can be used in. We are all, as an industry, still waiting for this direction, which unfortunately, still leaves businesses guessing.”

What is next for USA CBD Expo?

Jason: “We are at the beginning of our annual four city tour for 2020; starting now, with Las Vegas, then Atlanta, Connecticut, and finally Chicago in December. Our goal beyond that, is to locate more metropolitan areas that are suited for the industry and want to build local CBD business and education, and bring the Expo to them, as well.”

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