Vancoast Seeds

The founder of Vancoast Seeds spent a lot of time travelling the world, where at times he ended up in Europe. There, he saw the cannabis industry and realized how behind North America was in the seed business. Being from Canada, a country with a decent tolerance (if not love) for marijuana, and moving towards more widespread acceptance and eventually legalization, he saw the opportunity to fill this niche, ahead of the rest. His background in marketing and ecommerce, along with his world travelling and business experience gave him the knowledge necessary to start up a business to service the industry with the belief that everyone should have access to seeds, and have the ability to be self-sufficient, for medical uses, recreational or otherwise. After conquering Canada with Vancoast Seeds’ first brand, Crop King Seeds, the brand expanded to the US, state by state, as legalization laws were passed. Beginning with Colorado in 2016, their in-store presence has now expanded into 20 states and counting! Their vision of making a change in the world by providing access to cannabis seeds to everyone has become a reality.

Vancoast Seeds stepped into the marijuana seed industry with a mission to raise the seed standard, and become a household name. They take the most pride in the quality of their seeds with an 80% germination guarantee, and also created the seed industry’s first 24/7 customer service, both online and on the phone. Vancoast Seeds is well-known for its founding seed company, Crop King Seeds. Crop King Seeds is regarded for focusing on seed quality and genetic strength when cultivating strains of cannabis seeds. Crop King Seeds is also recognized for their beloved king mascot, often present at shows and conferences that the brand sponsors! For twelve years, the brand focused exclusively on 40 strains, but in the spring of 2020, the collection grew to an astounding variety of 500 strains with regular, feminized, auto-flowering feminized, dwarf, and medical/CBD strains. Vancoast Seeds also expanded to 5 brands: Crop King Seeds, Sonoma Seeds, SunWest Genetics, Beaver Seeds and Mary Jane’s Garden - all of which have built a quality reputation with their retail partners. Each of these 5 brands has a different goal or focus, which determines the strains bred and chosen.

One of Vancoast Seeds most sought-out new strains that recently became available is Crop King Seeds’ strongest CBD-only strain, CB Diesel. It has Cannabidiol levels of up to 20% (with minimal levels of THC of less than 1%). Derived from landrace strains and crossed with Sour Diesel, their CB Diesel strain is often used for the production of concentrates and other medical extractions, for both commercial and individuals seeking medical relief from the properties of CBD.

Being in the seed business, and operating for over 15 years, lends Vancoast Seeds the experience that many new companies in this industry don’t have yet when it comes to selling online and shipping to trade shows internationally. They want everyone to have a successful grow, whether it is Hemp, CBD + THC, or Cannabis seeds (Regular, Feminized and Auto Flower), and have the means to facilitate that success. Vancoast Seeds is proud of their beautiful, custom packaging, promotional materials and catalogues, all of which are made by an in-house design team that expertly designed it to be valuable for every customer, from a novice to an experienced grower. Vancoast set out to improve the way cannabis seeds are sold by providing stunning, quality packaging that provides meticulous information on the strain, making seeds globally accessible, while providing customers with direct support from a team that is experienced in the industry. Have you ever seen a marijuana seed packaged in a fold booklet the size of a baseball card? Have you seen them packaged with plant characteristics and strain facts and details about the plant type, growth and smoke effects? Many customers have not, because Vancoast Seeds is the first, and this is just one way they have changed the retail seed industry!

“We have the most effective marijuana seed company packaging - and we are not gloating when we say this! This is our number one compliment from all of our wholesale accounts. We guide and educate our wholesalers from the start of their entry into the seed industry. We want you and your customers to visibly see what you are getting and what to expect.” – Vancoast Seeds Wholesale Team

Through their wholesale division, retailers are able to purchase seeds at approximately 50% off. Their on-going wholesale promotion includes a free single seed giveaway with every pack of seeds bought, and with each wholesale order, retail partners always receive catalogues, promotional material, and fun giveaways! When a store makes its first purchase, they include the promotional materials needed to support the store to succeed. This includes spinning display racks, large posters, signs and rack cards, and swag. Their dedicated in-house design team is constantly creating new media, prints, and catalogues to provide stores with beautiful material. With every resupply order, they vow to continue to send stores these promotional items and anything they request more of. When customers call in or message their customer service representatives on their Live Chat seeking locations to buy their seeds, they point customers directly to their retail partners. All of their seed brands have a team working on marketing online, multiple social media platforms, and features at shows and conferences internationally. This type of brand awareness with consumers makes their brands recognizable on retailers’ store shelves.