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CHOOSING THE RIGHT SEED and the Importance of Genetics

There are a plethora of variables to consider when shopping for cannabis seeds, but today we’re going to focus on how to choose the proper seeds for you while considering their genetics. Firstly, every seed has genotypes, that make up the genetic configuration, and phenotypes, that carry the physical composition, to assist in strain identification. Along with an extensive cultivation process and proper germination, purchasing top-quality seeds is just as important as the attributes of each strain. Let’s break it down even more into four main seed variations.

When germinated, regular seeds can produce male or female plants which is discovered only when flowering begins. Growing regular seeds may seem somewhat tedious since growers tend to prefer unfertilized plants and can choose to remove male plants when the flowering stage begins. This process ensures that there are no seeds in the buds and heightens THC potency.

Feminized seeds undergo a scientific process that forces female plants to produce pollen sacs. This process pollinates their sister plants and ensures sensimilla. Sensimilla is a highly concentrated type of cannabis that contains no seeds and ensures that the female plant is solely producing flowers, leaving the plants unfertilized so that they do not produce seeds.

An auto-flowering plant is made possible when sativa, indica, or both are crossed to a ruderalis variety. Infusing ruderalis genes with indica or sativa produces a hybrid cannabis that flowers automatically without the need of a light cycle. Auto-flowering cannabis plants are ideal for new growers looking for a stealthy guerilla grow since they have a very short vegetative state and are short in height.

Last but not least, the second most abundant active ingredient in cannabis after THC is CBD. Cannabinol has a large range of medical applications with its most studied effects on internal nervous and muscular system relief. To ensure production of buds rich in CBD, it is recommended growers purchase strains that are feminized. Fortunately, you can find an extensive list on vancoastseeds. com for reference.

Each seed is unique and has its own genetic makeup. Understanding the importance of these genes and the properties of the strains you’re interested in is vital to cultivate the proper environment for a successful harvest. Pro-tip: Consider starting out with a Feminized Auto-flowering seed if you’re a beginner since it’s the easiest to grow. Then move on to Feminized, and finally attempt a Regular seed for a more enjoyable growing experience. Head to for top tier seed selection perfect for every kind of grower!