1010: ‘ten•’ten “Time of personal development, spiritual awakening and enlightenment.”

Angel Roselle, Founder & CEO of 1010Scentuals launched her brand in Las Vegas, Nevada during October 2021. Since then, the business has grown tremendously thanks to a lot of support from the cannabis community and many repeat customers. Angel started developing the brand in 2020, during a very challenging time in her life. While parting ways from the father of her child, Angel found herself displaced and having to start from the bottom with her son and decided to take a giant leap of faith in God and the potential of 1010Scentuals. She believed whole heartedly that her small woman-owned business would grow to become an impactful brand. That belief really paid off throughout her journey, and she is grateful and proud to be able to turn 1010Scentuals into a successful business. The 1010Scentuals name was inspired by the 1010 Angel number, which she derived a positive affirmation simply stated as, “Time of personal development, spiritual awakening and enlightenment.”

Angel knew that she would be able to promote 1010Scentuals by tapping into the thriving Las Vegas cannabis community that she has been a part of for years, and utilizing her background as an entrepreneur, cannabis influencer, and Vegas mixologist. For example, Angel has her own cooking show: Cooking with Cannabis (Cooking for a Queen) where she features top cannabis chefs! She has also been involved with infusing CBD into gourmet popcornYum! Being able to promote 1010Scentuals on TV and through media outlets has built a solid foundation for brand recognition. “The most important thing to me with 1010Scentuals is hearing the great testimonials and receiving feedback from my customers, who use the oil from my candles for pain management, sleeping issues, surgery recovery, and even anxiety management. Knowing that these products are really improving people’s lives makes me so thankful that I pushed on to make this brand a reality.” -Angel Roselle, Founder & CEO of 1010Scentuals.

1010Scentuals first launched with the LEVEL UP All-In-One CBD Massage Candle that is made with all natural skin loving ingredients combined into a candle, which is meant to be used as a massage oil. Once heated, the candle wax transitions into a warm oil that can be rubbed onto the skin to receive the medicinal benefits that CBD has to offer. The full size is 6 ounces, with a 28 hour burn time and contains 500mg of the highest quality CBD to help relieve stress, inflammation, and sore muscles. The beeswax used in the candle creates a protectant layer on skin and attracts water to keep skin hydrated and refreshed, while essential oils and menthol crystals provide aromatherapy and decongestion. The candle burns using a crackling wooden wick to create a calming ambiance while 23k gold Flakes stimulate skin cells and slow down collagen depletion, which brightens and enhances complexion to keep skin youthful, glowing, and beautiful. There are Amethyst crystals in the candle to promote a deeper sleep, boost immunity, reduce negative energetic influences, calm the mind and balance emotions. The LEVEL UP All-In-One CBD Massage Candle is formulated with clean ingredients and the finest oils and butters to moisturize and nourish skin, and is ideal for addressing aches, pain, cramps, sprains, and irritation. The LEVEL UP Candle is available for wholesale for $35, and retails for $60. Retailers can pick up a wholesale case of 24 candles for $840. The LEVEL UP All-In-One CBD Massage Candle is also made available in a 3.5oz travel size tin with a 15-hour burn (with enough oil for 3 full body massages) and contains 250mg of CBD and comes in a variety of eye-catching designs. The Travel size tin is $17 per candle (wholesale), and retails for $24. Retailers can order a wholesale case of 24 travel tin candles for $408. When you order 5 cases or more, you’ll receive a discount of $1 off per candle.

Angel set out to provide a warm, unique, and spiritual experience to all customers of 1010Scentuals, which is evident in the way the products are made. Every candle is handcrafted with love and emits that handmade quality with small yet intentional touches that are good for the mind, body, and soul. She chose to make a beeswax candle that would naturally purify the air (rather than input toxins into the air like traditional candles.) She uses eco-friendly packaging and the cleanest ingredients possible to highlight the brand’s main focus: quality. The LEVEL Up All-InOne candle combines CBD oils with other natural healing oils, such as Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil. It is non-comedogenic with effective healing properties that may make it effective in treating skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Each candle exemplifies luxury, from the Amethyst crystals (that are charged under moonlight) to the 23k gold flakes that are infused into the candle. These candles are perfect for retail shops because the beautiful display of candles with their lids removed show off the Amethyst crystals and 23k gold flakes, which really “wow” the customer at first sight.

The LEVEL UP All-in-one massage candle is only the beginning for the 1010Scentuals brand. Angel is working diligently to develop more scentual products and even has some collabs coming through the pipeline. She is excited to announce her newest product in the 1010Scentuals line, Wax Massage Melts that can be heated in a wax warmer and brushed on the skin, which will be available in 4 different sizes. She is even looking into making an “Ediblez” version of the flagship massage candle to meet many customer requests. The brand will also launch an even larger size version of the LEVEL UP candle with 3 wooden wicks, which will be called the “Tito” size candle, in loving memory of her uncle Jason, who was a very tall man (over 6ft).

Angel just recently launched her newest product: Remi-Teas [rem•ē•tea] / like “remedy” - verb: “Bringing light to others.” RemiTeas are single-use mini tea light massage candles. The Remi-Tea candle is a special one that is very close to Angel’s heart, designed in honor of her close friend Remi, who passed away. Remi was a chef with a mission to develop medicinal food for cancer patients and to carry on his heartfelt legacy. Proceeds from the Remi-Tea candles go towards an initiative to upgrade hospital food. Angel is working with a Las Vegas local former NFL player who owns an aquaponics store that grows healthy grocery items for the hospital food. The Remi-Tea candles contain 45mg of CBD and are available for $8.50 wholesale, and retail for $12. Retailers can pick up a wholesale case of 24 Remi-Tea candles for $204, knowing that the purchase will not only result in great margins for their business but will also support a great cause.

1010Scentuals has been rapidly growing in the retail space and has gained a lot of attention from wholesale buyers. The brand is already popular in dispensaries and smoke shops throughout Las Vegas and Northern Nevada. For instance, Nail Junkiez “CBD & Chill Pedicure” in Reno, NV carries 1010Scentuals in store, and The Walden Resort in Ohio, (rated top 50 spas in the nation) uses the candles in their spa for their CBD massages. The 1010Scentuals brand actively supports retailers with promoting sales through their social media by highlighting shops that carry the brand and hiring influencers to promote retail sales as well. They also provide window decals for shops that carry the products. The brand has exhibited at over 17 events this year and plans to continue the trend into 2023. You can see (and smell) 1010Scentuals products for yourself at upcoming trade shows in Las Vegas, at TPE and Champs. To place an order, you can contact Angel by phone at (702) 503-2946 or via email at 1010Scentuals@gmail.com. For more information, you can visit her website at 1010Scentuals.com.

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