Amazing Botanicals

Best Wholesale Kratom

Since 2014 Amazing Botanicals has been providing the highest quality Kratom Products to tens of thousands of retail customers and hundreds of smoke shops.
Further, we are constantly innovating to bring new and powerful Kratom products to the market, such as Nano Kratom Shots, Kratom Extract Candy/Gummies, Cat5 Kratom, and Kratomettes. You will not find fresher or more alkaloid-rich Kratom products anywhere else.

Directly From The Source

We have searched Indonesia far and wide to find the the most pristine and pure Kratom forests, and via cuttingedge technology we harvest the Kratom and bring it to the USA in pristine condition.

Third Party Lab Tested Products

We test our Kratom with a full array of lab tests including microbiology, heavy metals, and alkaloids, to ensure that all of our Kratom is 100% pure and contains maximum alkaloids.

In House Manufacturing

We manufacture all of our products in-house in a state-of-the-art facility using cGMP standards. We have the capacity to produce capsules, tablets, bottles, and bags at a high output, making us the perfect choice if you want to private-label your own brand of Kratom products.

Nano Kratom Shots

• The Nano technology in this shot causes it to hit faster & stronger than any other kratom shot on Earth!
• Unbranded & private labeling options are available in addition to bulk nano liquid
• 3 delicious flavors to choose from including: Dulce De Leche, Root Beer, & French Toast

Kratom Kandy

Delicious & Effective!
Each candy has 10mg Mit, with branded, unbranded, & private label options available! 4 varieties to choose from including:

• Caramel Chews
• Coffee Chews
• Fruit Punch Hard Candy
• Pineapple Hard Candy | | 954-694-0613