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At Bespoke Extracts, 2020 has given us both a desire and a need. The desire: to help our customers be as excited as we are about the thrilling new developments in the CBD industry.

The need: to showcase that excitement in our branding, something we feel is necessary to prove to our customers we are evolving along with the industry

Product Line

Bespoke 3C - In both 1200 and 2000mg formulations, this full-spectrum CBD blend is fortified with CBG distillate and terpene to enhance stress-fighting properties.

Bespoke Recovery - With unique formulations made for both men and women, Recovery blends full-spectrum CBD with added CBG and BCT for unsurpassed healing and regenerative support.

Bespoke Serenity - Our 50mg capsules offer full-spectrum CBD expertly blended with a number of mood-enhancing vitamins and extracts to provice a unique approach to stress and sleep management

Bespoke Active - Part of a line designed for athletes, Active helps users embrace life and stay moving with added CBG for an extra dose of restorative support.

Bespoke Comfort - To support sleep cycles, we've added CBN to our full-spectrum CBD offering users a safe and natural alternative to sleep aids and pills.


I'ts been at the forefront of my mind since the beginning: We wanted to produce ethically. Passionate about people and the planet, we're committed to using as many fair trade and organic ingredients as possible, with a focus on ehtical farming. We grow and produce in small batches, monitoring quality at harvest and production.

We care about transparency. We craft blends and produce products using methods we're proud of. And at the end of the day, we want to develop products people are proud to tell their friends about.


With a slew of products on the market geared towards the vaping and dabbing crowd and another crew designing products that look like medicine, we wanted something different. So our packaging is bright, bold, and inspirational. Eye-catching colors pop on store shelves. Our products stand out in photography.


We've developed exceptional programs to help retailers easily access our product line. Our company policies and production make retailers proud to advertise our products through both our wholesale and dropshipping programs. With plenty of perks, excellent customer service, and provided compliance documentation and guides, plus access to a bank of resources, logos, and product information, setting up shop is a breeze.

We've also developed discount programs for frontline workers, veterans, and customers over 55 years old.

The Future of Bespoke Extracts

Bespoke's passionate and dedicated staff is looking to our bright future, with an early 2021 rollout of new products and initiatives. A rebirth of our long-standing CBD-infused Manuka Honey product will take its place in our flagship line, along with innovations in sleep aids for both men and women.

As part of our commitment to give back, we're working with influencers to create meaningful and memorable opportunities to contribute to service organizations both in Sunny Isles and across the country.

Bespoke is trusted by some of the world's most successful athletes

"I started using CBD after my training sessions and it's been a part of my routine ever since. I trust Bespoke Extracts because I know they care about their customers and their health." - Jorge Masvidal
"Looking and feeling my best means considering what I put in my body. I rely on my body for my livelihood so I only buy products I know are going to help me be healthier. Bespoke has my wellness in mind." - Paige VanZant
"As a mode and fitness instructor, my body is my livelihood. I am very particular about only lusing the best, natural helath products to keep my mind and body in optimal shape. That's why I trust Bespoke." - Karmel Bortoleti

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