Happy Hippo

Happy Hippo is a well-established company with over a decade of experience in developing premium kratom products and bringing them to market.

Their reputation for providing the best Kratom on the planet is unmatched, and they are excited to release a new product that you won’t want to miss. Happy Hippo has a team of family and friends with over 20 years of experience using Kratom. They have worked with various Indonesian farmers and have implemented rigorous pathogen sterilization and independent lab testing to ensure that only the highest quality products leave their doors. Happy Hippo takes pride in sourcing their own farmers and testing their products to provide customers with the best Kratom available. Happy Hippo is on a mission to provide only the highest quality kratom, available in a wide range of products such as capsules, extracts, powders, and more.

Experienced retailers keenly understand the importance of providing customers with high-quality products that deliver results, especially when it comes to kratom. That’s why Happy Hippo’s commitment to using their own products every single day speaks volumes about the quality and efficacy of their products, while demonstrating their dedication to providing customers with the very best. Happy Hippo has a genuine commitment to sourcing only the highest quality Kratom, and they go to great lengths to ensure that their products meet their exacting standards. By choosing Happy Hippo, retailers can feel confident in providing customers with products that they can trust and rely on.

Happy Hippo aims to be on the cutting-edge of kratom product development and is proud to introduce their newest hit: K-Dips. K-Dips are the world’s first tobacco and nicotine-free Kratom extract pouch, exclusively available through Happy Hippo. Each K-Dips pouch contains a potent 20mg of Mitragynine (MIT), making them an excellent option for customers who use Kratom for its many benefits or are seeking an alternative to tobacco and nicotine. These discreet and convenient pouches are free of nicotine and tobacco, providing a healthier option for customers who want to quit or reduce their tobacco use. By offering K-Dips, retailers can provide their customers with a unique and satisfying alternative to smoking or traditional tobacco dip pouches.

K-Dips are crafted with Hyper Hippo (Elite Green Maeng Da) Kratom extract and come in two delectable flavors: Blue Razzle and Wintergreen. The flavors serve to conceal the alkaloid’s sharp taste in Kratom extract, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for customers. Each pouch of K-Dips lasts for approximately 20 to 30 minutes, while the effects of Kratom extract persist for around two hours. A single container of K-Dips includes 15 pouches, with 300mg of MIT per container. This makes it simple for consumers to track their Kratom extract consumption. Additionally, each pouch contains less than 1g of sugar, making it a healthier option than traditional tobacco dip pouches. Unlike snuff, K-Dips do not require spitting, rendering them a cleaner and more convenient choice. After use, they can discreetly dispose of the pouches, making K-Dips a cleaner alternative to traditional tobacco dip pouches. Happy Hippo’s dedication to producing Kratom products that enhance people’s lives is evident once again with the launch of K-Dips. With this innovative product, customers can enjoy a distinct and healthier alternative to conventional tobacco dip pouches.

Happy Hippo’s wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to exceptional standards ensure that your customers not only have access to the finest Kratom products available, but also benefit from the support of influential figures like Brendan Schaub, renowned UFC fighters, and popular YouTubers who actively promote the product nationwide. Visit their booth at upcoming Champs Tradeshows and TPE to see the products for yourself! For more information, you can also visit their website at HappyHippo.com