HempNova is a full service, vertically integrated hemp business, located in the beautiful Medford, Oregon area. Their two state-of-theart facilities take on everything from cultivation to mass production. Ken Cai, Founder of HempNova, discovered the miraculous qualities of hemp when he first tried CBD lotion for his back pain. The results were so remarkable, Ken became fascinated with the hemp plant. This fascination quickly transpired into his full-time career. In 2018, when the farm bill passed, Ken decided to open the first HempNova facility with a goal to develop the best quality hemp and CBD products possible. The second facility was established in 2020, expanding HempNova into a full vertically integrated hemp operation. Today, HempNova is a hemp farm, hemp service company, hemp extractor, and CBD product manufacturer.

HempNova’s location was intentionally chosen to be on the 42-degree latitude line. The area is one of the most ideal places to grow hemp in the world, in a Mediterranean climate. This offers the perfect combination of sunshine, rainfall, and temperature variation during the growing season to produce the best hemp plants possible. Aside from the location, HempNova ensures the highest quality CBG and CBD flower by using organic farming practices. Their 45-acre farm operates one of the largest and most modern CBD flower drying facilities in the USA, enabling them to deliver a hemp product that is expertly dried, cured and stored. The Premium Oregon Grown Hemp flowers they produce are consistent, uniform, and delivered in the best possible condition available on the market.

HempNova offers wholesale customers a variety of premium hemp and hemp derived products for white label, or in bulk. They offer Hemp Flower, sold by the pound, and available in strains such as: Lifter, Bubba Kush, Hawaiian Haze, Sour Space Candy, and more. In addition, they offer king size CBD and Delta-8 Hemp Flower Prerolls, sold at an MOQ of 100 Pre-Rolls, HHC pre-rolls and gummies. To complete the smokable hemp product line, HempNova produces Disposable Vapes and Vape Cartridges that are available with CBD, Delta-8, or THC-O oil. They also offer hemp derived cannabinoid extracts, sold by the Kilogram. HempNova also produces Delta-8, THC-O and HHC Gummies in various flavors, such as: Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Pink Lemonade, and more, sold at an MOQ of 500 Pieces. They are happy to customize, and white label hemp derived products that they produce. In addition, they offer toll processing, and product formulation services.

The team at HempNova is proud of their innovative approach within the hemp industry, developing a variety of different products by taking advantage of the unique quality of the hemp plant, all with a focus on improving the health and wellness of consumers. HempNova takes quality assurance seriously. They guarantee to maintain product integrity, preserving trichomes and cannabinoid content is a priority while handling product. Their facilities are GMP Certified, and their products are Lab Tested, USA Made, and Pesticide Free. Aside from the high-quality products that they produce, HempNova provides their customers with convenience and cost savings with their streamlined services.

HempNova puts a lot of effort into the development of their products, while working closely with their customers, offering service solutions with their expertise to provide a full-service solution to businesses in the hemp space. HempNova is currently in development of their own brand for retail as well, which will be available for wholesale. They are looking forward to launching this full line of hemp products under their own retail brand in the next 3 months. For more information, visit their website at hempnova.com or give them a call, toll free at (833) 269-7805.

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