“Quality material, smooth cloudy rips. I love keeping my bongs clean and this [Invincibowl] helps a ton.” - IG ambassador

The Invincibowl was first created in 2019 when Jeff Houkal, Owner and creator of Invincibowl, scoured the market for an unbreakable bowl that allowed for easy screen capture and removal, and couldn’t find one. That initial search was inspired because Jeff’s wife and Marketing Executive at Invincibowl, Gloria, accidentally broke three bowls nearly back-to-back. That is when they had that classic infomercial moment, “There has to be a better way!” Jeff’s background in mechanical engineering gave him the understanding necessary to develop the Invicibowl, a gamechanging robust bowl that will last forever and can keep a bong clean. Jeff knows his products stand out among competitors, affirming, “We excel at what we do because our products have multiple points of functional utility and aren’t just boring replicas or gimmicks.”

Three years in the making, the Invicibowl brand is best known for their top 2 best-selling products: The Invincibowl, and the Invincipole. The Invincibowl is an ultra-sleek, shatterproof 14mm bowl, precision crafted from aerospacegrade aluminum and 304 surgical stainless steel. The Invincipole is an unbreakable and telescoping downstem that pairs perfectly with the Invincibowls, or any other 14mm bowl. The Invicipole 18mm/14mm joint fitting downstem is also precision crafted from an aerospace-grade aluminum module with a full-body hard-anodization and a sleek, satin finish. Invincipole features the world’s first Telescoping Technology, extending from 3 inches - 5 ¾ inches, fitting a wide range of commonly distributed bongs. Both products are made available for wholesale purchase in 5 popular colors: Black, Pink, Blue, Red, and Orange. Orders are shipped directly out of their HQ in Tempe, Arizona, and wholesale orders are easily accessible to all store sizes, with a low MOQ of 5 units.

The Invincibowl has gained a lot of traction in the past 3 years because it is a first-of-its-kind groundbreaking addition to the world of bongs and smoking accessories. The brand has established an iconic line of bong bowls, durable bong stems, and high flow smoking screens which help consumers build a superior bong providing an unparalleled smoking experience. The design of the Invincibowl incorporates secure-screen technology to allow the user to invert the device to easily discard ash and comes equipped with a proprietary high-flow screen, while also featuring an insulated grip guard for thermal protection.

The real magic is made when the Invicibowl is combined in use with the Invicipole. The Infinity series of Invincipole features a pressure responsive design that secures the downstem and easily releases with a simple click anti-jamming operation, internal joints provide superior holding strength, plus easy bowl removal with a fluid twist and pull motion. The downstem also features a removable multi-hole diffuser cap that houses the final ash defense system, their proprietary stainless-steel screen. This high-flow mesh is reliable, effective, and enhances the smoking experience tenfold.

The brand is proud to create accessories that provide multiple advantages over generic supplies. For example, Invicibowl is not just an aluminum bowl, they have developed a proprietary high-flow mesh screen that is captured with a sleeve, the handle is also a screw that holds the sleeve, and there are functional tapers on the bowls to prevent deformation. It’s these little details that set the bar for the quality you can expect from Invicibowl. From product to packaging, to including stickers with each order, Invincibowl has positioned their brand to sell in stores easily. The packaging is designed to convey the product’s utility, cleanliness and of course, resilience by defining the benefits on the front, and diagrams of the benefits on the back in more detail. “We believe that if the store sales clerk can clearly describe the product with visual aids, the sale should be easier.” Jeff asserts. Going the extra mile to support retailers, Invincibowl keeps a list participating stores on their website, to send customers to their local stores. They incorporate social media promotions by reposting retailer’s IG stories that tag the brand which builds the collective social network around Invicibowl. They have also assembled a training video and other assets to educate store staff about how the products work and provides the best sales tips.

Moving forward, the brand is excited to introduce their newest product to the market: Adaptabowl! The Adaptabowl sizes up a 14mm male taper to an 18mm taper and features their patented pressure-lock-and-release taper which prevents seizing, as well as a snap-in mechanism to hold the adapter to the bowl. You can see the Invincibowl and their ground-breaking line up of products for yourself at upcoming Champs Trade Shows, or the SSE Group show. To place an order, you can contact Jeff directly via email at or by phone at 424-288-9042.

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