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KETORET BIO is commited to bring you the highest quality Kratom, 100% natural. Our goal is to spread awareness of this botanical specimen, all our products are tested by a certified 3rd party laboratory.

This is a story about how a series of unfortunate events helped to launch one of the fastest growing Kratom companies in the country—Ketoret Bio Kratom. As recalled by the founders, Eli and Shahar, the story began when we booked a small booth at Champs for the 2019 Las Vegas Winter Trade Show with hopes of introducing a new product for the tobacco industry. However, a week before the event, we were notified by our engineers that the prototypes were incomplete and would not be ready for the show. This was terrible news as our entire trip had been prepaid and we had nothing to do at the show without a working product. From our perspective, we had two options—accept defeat and skip the show, or come up with an alternative idea.

With nothing to lose and a week before the show, we began brainstorming ideas and decided to take the big step of starting our own Kratom brand. We had already been wholesaling bulk Kratom to companies around the country and began toying with the idea of shifting our focus from bulk sales to the private end user. Moreover, at the time, negative stigma about Kratom was at an all time high with the media reporting negatively on adulterated and dirty Kratom. It became clear to us that the lack of transparency associated with these products was negatively impacting the industry; and , if we were going to proceed with our new Kratom brand, we had to execute it responsibly and transparently while also emphasizing the needs of our customers.

Clearly, a week was not enough time to launch a brand, let alone organize all the marketing materials, displays and products one needs for a trade show. Nevertheless, with nothing to lose, we were determined to make this work. We called in every favor owed, had several sleepless nights and made hundreds of phone calls in efforts to get something ready and presentable for the show. Without any time to spare, we checked into our Las Vegas hotel rooms with 6 display units representing the 6 different strains of Kratom we were going to sell. We printed our marketing materials and product flyers and hoped for the best.

The next three days were unbelievable! Call it salesmanship, luck, or simply, Divine Intervention. The Ketoret team booked over a half million dollars in orders at our first trade show in a tiny 10 x10 ft. booth which faced a wall. Even though the company barely had products to sell, or even free samples to hand out for that matter, we earnestly listened to our customers’ needs and adopted them in our business philosophy. Back then, we promised to provide a better, cleaner and more consistent product; and today, we continue to adhere to that commitment. While there is a lot more to the story, including many major challenges and accomplishments, the most important outcome was the birth of Ketoret Bio Kratom…and it is here to stay!

In economics, there is a concept called the “first mover advantage” which essentially means that a company has a competitive advantage when they are the first to bring a product to market. While that is generally true in many industries, we discovered that in the Kratom industry, customers were not satisfied with brands that did not consistenly manufacture good quality products. More often than not, customers that switched to Ketoret Bio Kratom stopped purchasing other brands because they lacked the quality control, safety measures, and transparency.

In fact, Ketoret Bio was the first Kratom company in the country to add a QR code onto each of their packages. All a customer needs to do is scan the QR code and enter the lot number on the bottom of their jar. A custom certificate of analysis (COA) pulls right up. We continue to spare no expense when it comes to 3rd party analysis and testing and we proudly furnish these test results on our website for all customers to view. By truly listening to our customers’ requests and asking them “what do you want in a Kratom product?”, we acknowledge the need to advocate for the regulation and safety of the handling and manufacturing of Kratom.

Thanks to our passionate team and incredible customers, Ketoret has been able to get its products into hundreds of stores across 30 states and is still growing despite being a relatively new brand. Ketoret offers unparalleled customer service where each wholesaler is assigned their own dedicated sales specialist and ordering platform. There are no hiccups. The Ketoret team also recently launched a fantastic SPIFF program which will reward the hardworking salespeople behind the counter for each sale made. At the end of the day, the customer remains the driving force behind our success and desire to maintain a superior product. if there is anything the Ketoret team can do to help, we are always just a phone call away.

What does the future have in store for Ketoret?

The future could not be more exciting for the Ketoret Bio Team. With over 11 premium strains of both capsules and powder, the company is currently developing game changing products and a few surprises that will shock the industry. We have recently made a significant capital investment to ensure that our customers get nothing but the best. We are currently in the middle of building a new state of the art formulation laboratory and manufacturing facility.

In addition, Ketoret is thrilled to announce the recent hiring of Dr. David Dweck, an industry pioneer with over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development. Dr. Dweck was awarded a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology in 2008 from the University of Miami School of Medicine; and since, has been awarded several grants and has published his work in numerous peer-reviewed scientific journals. As Ketoret’s new chief scientific officer, Dr. Dweck will be tasked with the research, development and manufacturing of Ketoret’s new product line consisting of a variety of kratom and other botanical extracts and formulations.

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